Levels and Fantan of Chillspot Records have played a crucial role in transforming the way we view Mbare

By Quincy Kasese

If you are an upcoming creative in Zimbabwe perhaps abroad focusing on content to do with Zimbabwe do not be disheartened if your content does not get many views as the trend has more to do with popularity compared to quality of content.

Zimbabweans seem to have a preference of scandalous content meaning it is usually those with content on promiscuity and flashy lifestyles such as flaunting ones wealth that attract traffic on Zimbabwean social media.

One could say it is a case of the deprived wanting to dream of being wealthy one day this alone is what pools numbers in terms of views and not educational or helpful content comedy.

Skits have now been diluted with the needs to make them advertisement material as social media space is the place product sellers now use for marketing so being as it may the more followers one has the better chance they have of attracting more from say big corporate or flourishing entrepreneurs.


I suggest that as an upcoming creative whether you are a content creator, writer or producer in anything to do with social media find a mentor someone who could advise you or give you handy tips creativity is not about one’s education level, it is something one either has or does not.


A good example of a wealthy yet humble creative and enterpreneur is Tinashe Mutarisi Chairman and Founder of Nash Holdings, not only is he supportive to the arts industry but he is genuine and funny too.


These are the sort of people that one should seek guidance from as he will have your best interests in mind.

Money has a way of making people arrogant and unapproachable but Tinashe Mutarisi is not like most rich guys, he is a family man that does fun skit videos with his family just to entertain those that follow him.

It is an understatement to say that he is a modern-day true role model and indeed we give respect where it’s due and here Mr Chairman we say enough respect.


Creativity and entertainment are not only confined to glam and glitter take for example Levels and Fantan of Chillspot Records two Mbare-based producers who have played a crucial role in transforming the way we view Mbare.

Yes the very ghetto suburb in the south of Harare into a modern cultural dynamic rich pot of entertainment.


Not only have these pioneers and entertainers managed to put Zimbabwe dancehall music on the map by attracting the likes of Gemma Griffiths – a musical powerhouse and songwriter now internationally recognised – with collaborations with the likes of Sauti Soul a Kenyan afro-pop giant and most recently Ashleigh Moyo aka Sashl the first Zimbabwean female musician to be signed by Universal Music Group.

Levels features in a well-created video titled Ghetto buddies alongside Shasl that was partly shot in the dusty streets of Mbare in a masterful way.

Thanks to Chillspot mangoma depot recording trendy music videos in Mbare is now a trendy thing and ghetto youths can now believe that creativity can transform one’s life for the better.

Don’t stop pushing your craft if you are an aspiring creative dream. Dream big, work hard and never give up we all started small but never gave up.

So stay tuned, I will be on The Sunday Express News more often, and on Jit Television, and also there is a roll out that is taking place at Hogerty Hill Soap Opera and on Q-Cash the One which is on radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Touch Tomorrow.




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