She flies earoplanes, is a director of the Creative Group of companies, acts on skits with Madam Boss and is super confident

By Quincy Kasese

Natasha heads up a leading IT organization and sits on a board of directors in her organization while leading a staff complement of over 50 employees.

She is highly motivated and a go-getter. In other words, she handles her business efficiently. I chose to highlight Natasha on the Q-Cash Page this week because – we as men – usually forget the extra commitment required of a woman in the professional sector especially a family woman with kids to look after.

This means that she has to deal with managing her family and work at the same time, where more or fewer men don’t have domestic duties – at least most of the time.

This is why I call these professional ladies super moms and this goes out to all hard-working women – coming this month as we celebrate Women’s Month.

Whether the women are stay-at-home moms, hairdressers, shop assistants or business owners they are the real MVPs (most valuable players).

It’s a new dawn.



A new dawn of exciting talent is upon us and although the season we are now in the can at times make one feel discouraged due to the ever lingering scourge of Covid-19 that hangs over us we are duty-bound to stay alive to keep humor and well-being for the simple sake of survival.

Natasha Nicole Carmel Burnett a sales director at the Creative group of companies in Harare, and is one articulate and focused Zimbabwean woman.

In simple terms, she can bring a smile to your face – by her very presence. We are living in a time where character and drive play a pivotal role in one’s quest for success in the professional arena for women to excel in the workplace.

They often have to prove themselves against men that too often feel entitled to higher positions on the simple basis of being a man and that outdated mentality unfortunately still lingers in most sectors all around the world.

It is not only laughable but sad because we are now in the era of more than capable women who do the job better than men.

Apart from being a career woman, Natasha is also a qualified Private pilot she can fly light aircraft such as the Cessna 172 and as though that wasn’t enough she has a social media following due to her ability to do amazing skits in both English and Shona with the likes of Tyra Chikocho also known as Madam Boss a Zimbabwean household name with over a million followers.



Need we say much – bringing well-needed laughter to so often deprived Zimbabweans.

There is one thing about Zimbabwean women and that is when they excel they do it in a real big way – a commendable way given the state of the economy that renders amongst other pull-down factors that we all face in these Covid-19 times.

August is women’s month and has since served as a venue to highlight women’s achievements and discuss continuing and emerging women’s empowerment and gender equality issues and concerns, challenges and commitments.

Happy women’s month to all you beautiful strong women out there your achievements and strength in both caring and nurturing us as your partners, husband’s father’s or children to ensure that we have good health and a meaningful life goes without mention and from me Q Cash and on behalf of the male species we say a big thank you and acknowledge the very big role you play in our lives Happy Women’s month.



So stay tuned, I will be on The Sunday Express News more often, and on Jit Television and throughout the roll out that is taking place at Hogerty Hill Soap Opera and on Q-Cash the One which is on radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Touch Tomorrow.









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