Mental Health: Wellbeing and Happiness Series with MoNya-Mental: Bullying and harassment

The scourge of Bullying and Harrassment: In all Its Forms, And Its Role in Suffering By Mertha Mo Nyamande Bullying and harassment is about when one exerts pressured, unwanted requests or advances onto another, be they social expectations, sexual/romantic advances or demanding payment or services. The issues of bullying and harassment have been on the rise and still rising in all spheres of life; in communities, schools, at work and on various playgrounds. These two issues are very closely related hence they have been paired in this article this week. While harassment is more focused on gender, sexual issues and violence, there are other forms of harassment including letters from creditors, demands from landlords or bosses to perform, etc. Bullying is more personalised to one’s perceived gratification over the suffering of another. Why this happens goes way deeper than just the observed or described interactions; having a bully in the midst, as bullies only target those that are vulnerable and show signs of weakness from a distance. While those “stronger” should protect those that are weaker, that responsibility lies elsewhere than in those considered to be stronger.

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