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Taliban should be judged on action. Peace must prevail in Afghanistan: Terrence Mwedzi

The US spent to the north of a trillion dollars in 20 years - training, and equipping the Afghan national army, police, air force, and special forces Terrence Mwedzi The US' failure under President Joe Biden's watch has worsened the situation in Afghanistan in the past few days and the USA is chiefly to blame for this deep-rooted crisis. The USA's decision to end the longest war in American history which was started about two decades ago in Afghanistan was perfectly correct but the way they ended it left me in cold. It is an open secret that the Afghan people were abandoned carelessly and the global community is still in deep shock about America's reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of war. Sure, America is being seen as a FAILED STATE that it is. Yes - it is. Furthermore, this clearly shows that everything horrible act that is being witnessed in Afghanistan today is not indirectly but directly connected to the US own economic, military, politically, social failures.

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