The US spent to the north of a trillion dollars in 20 years – training, and equipping the Afghan national army, police, air force, and special forces

Terrence Mwedzi

The US’ failure under President Joe Biden’s watch has worsened the situation in Afghanistan in the past few days and the USA is chiefly to blame for this deep-rooted crisis.

The USA’s decision to end the longest war in American history which was started about two decades ago in Afghanistan was perfectly correct but the way they ended it left me in cold.

It is an open secret that the Afghan people were abandoned carelessly and the global community is still in deep shock about America’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of war. Sure, America is being seen as a FAILED STATE that it is. Yes – it is.

Furthermore, this clearly shows that everything horrible act that is being witnessed in Afghanistan today is not indirectly but directly connected to the US own economic, military, politically, social failures. They failed in many strange ways.

In recent days we have been witnessed the strange events in Afghanistan where the Taliban armed group took over the entire country so quickly within 10 days.

The Taliban government was booted out by the US when they invaded Afghanistan years ago. That’s when some of the Afghanistan giant problems were birthed.

The fall of the Afghan national government came as a surprise to me, and it seems the Taliban group was very equipped and prepared.

Personally, I think the people will be safer in the hands of the Taliban. The Taliban fighters look more matured now than before.

The problem with Americans is that they want to impose their evil cultures on other countries forgetting that people are different. To be precise Americans are world bullies. And what are witnessing in Afghanistan at the moment is the total collapse of imperialism.

Americans are not Messiahs. They must leave people to deal with their own problems…and Africans must stop seeing them as world prefects.

Americans are known for causing chaos on other countries’ soils – which is barbaric and evil in this modern-day and age.

It is revealed that the US presence in Afghanistan spanning the tenures of Presidents of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump Biden started following the September 11 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and considered the US longest military conflict, surpassing World I, World 11 and the Korean war combined.


And we must not forget that the US used to bomb the Taliban whenever it massed its forces way back – which is sad.

Over the past 20 years, the US spent to the north of a trillion dollars training, equipping, and developing the Afghan national army, police, air force, and special forces – but all their efforts collapsed in less than 10 days-which means they were doing nothing there but only looting the country’s resources in the name of democracy.

They finished what they wanted that’s U.S. policy. The world must be careful. In contrast, the American democracy does not work in Afghanistan because they have their own beliefs/cultures. They can’t run away from them.

I hope to see the Taliban preaching the gospel of peace, love, and unity there. Whatever they do must benefit the people of Afghanistan first.

Permanent peace must be restored. All terrorist groups must be crushed there, and the young and the old must feel safer in their own country. The Western puppets who want to cause chaos must learn the hard way.

Peace is needed-the war costed many lives in the name of fake ‘American democracy’.


According to the costs of War Project Brown University, as of April this year, the war had killed some 174 000 people, in Afghanistan including 47 245 civilians, 66 000 to 69 000 Afghanistan military and more than 51 000 Taliban fighters. It breaks my heart.

The crisis is now deeper on the humanitarian side- and something worthwhile must be done.

I heard that Uganda agreed to a request from the US to host more than 2 000 Afghan refugees: what a smooth paradox. It’s not safe for African countries to bear the responsibility of US foreign policy. It’s very dangerous. We have a lot of problems here in Africa which need to be solved first.

Furthermore, let’s hope the Taliban would respect the right of women in the framework of Islamic law as they promised. The chains of slavery must be broken.

“The whole global community should be assured terror groups will not be welcome in Afghanistan . Women to be given active role’ in society but within the framework of Islam. Nobody is going to be treated with revenge,” Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban group spokesperson said.

The Taliban should be judged by actions, not their words only. Afghan civilians need peace first at the moment. Peace must prevail there.


Terrence Mwedzi is a poet and writer. He writes to the Digital Sunday Express in his personal capacity and can be contacted on: +27611370088. Email:moontafadzwa@gmail. com. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the Editorial Policy of Digital Sunday Express.




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