The satellite fleet at the disposal of Jit TV covers over 93% of the world’s population across the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Russia

The Sunday Express

After two weeks of programming – in which Jit Television completed two weeks of daily news bulletins with – 12 bulletins aired – and the Sunday Express consolidated its position on primetime Sunday viewing with four programmes in the bag – new gains were made this week with the move to new premises – Telemedia Studios in Rivonia.

Led by veteran broadcaster Colin Mackenzie – Jit Television moved the bulk of its programming to Telemedia this week – including both news programmes (News Bulletin and Sunday Express) – and marked the first real foray of your favourite digital news media on DSE into the global broadcasting stratosphere.

On its company website Telemedia is described as having evolved into a broad-based media facility providing a sophisticated and versatile product range.

Their strategy is to invest in infrastructure and running state-of-the-art equipment including – but not limited to – satellite transmission, radio and television signal distribution, microwave and SNG services, and studio production services.





This week’s move by The Sunday Express editorial team from Randburg – means that your favourite digital newspaper will now have access to all Telemedia’s services – including dual loop fibre to all broadcasters and production companies, as well as the Seacom cable, satellite up-links, MCR, play-out facilities and 24-hour engineering support.

Earlier this year Telemedia partnered with ABS – a global satellite operator – to provide teleport services for the Middle East and Africa securing seamless integration of satellite ground station and teleport services.

ABS operates a fleet of satellites; ABS-2, ABS-2A, ABS-3A ABS-4/Mobisat-1 and ABS-6. The satellite fleet covers over 93% of the world’s population across the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Russia.

Playing our cards close to the chest

Meanwhile after playing our cards close to our chest over the past week – Jit Television is proving to the channel of choice on StarSat – our entertainment, music, gospel, sitcoms and reality shows – as well as the news and information – are drawing in the numbers – and we are not looking back.



Asara Asara. Just In Time. As reported exclusively on our feeder platforms – viewers are spoilt for choice on Jit TV – from Tich Mataz with the Razz Matazz – to Village Secrets, Fafa Chirasha and Audrey Chiwara’s show – Oasis – the Jimmy Jimmalo and Sonia Black’s On The Beat.

All these – have become instant hits on television – and judging from what is really coming through on the feedback lines, and on the mobile application – and on the production line at Jit – the viewing is fantastic.

Addlyne Mackenzie’s show – Ndinotaura Zvandinoda – has already brought in a range of interesting guests – including DLV Crew which is now providing the post production for all Jit TV news bullewtins, and The Sunday Express.

The Sunday Express Weekend show aired to great acclaim at the weekend after featuring a half-hour programme on businesses and entrepreneurial coach Dr Hebert Mtowo talking about the African Entrepreneurs Network.

The network is doing great initiatives on the African continent to bring stories that would otherwise not make the front pages on newspapers – and there is a lot more inspirations and innovative guests that are coming through to Jit TV every week – to tell their stories.

And today guess who is on the show? Carl Niehaus, spokesman for the disbanded MKMVA. Expect the unexpected.



On the music side Ma-Chunz is doing very well – and entertainment is proving to be our drawcard – in line with the maxim that – entertainment at Jit TV is our business.

Two new cooking shows are in the pipeline, and a few soapies are also coming through on the production schedule – meaning that viewers, followers, and our fans are getting more out of their subscriptions packages on StarSat – than ever before.

This week we won’t give out the whole game in this bulletin – but save to say that Jit TV is here to stay – we are growing everyday and we are expanding the entertainment news package. When we say Nguva Yasvika – we mean business.













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