Jit Television move to Telemedia Studios marks rapid phase into worldwide satellite broadcasting

The satellite fleet at the disposal of Jit TV covers over 93% of the world’s population across the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Russia The Sunday Express After two weeks of programming - in which Jit Television completed two weeks of daily news bulletins with - 12 bulletins aired - and the Sunday Express consolidated its position on primetime Sunday viewing with four programmes in the bag - new gains were made this week with the move to new premises - Telemedia Studios in Rivonia. Led by veteran broadcaster Colin Mackenzie - Jit Television moved the bulk of its programming to Telemedia this week - including both news programmes (News Bulletin and Sunday Express) - and marked the first real foray of your favourite digital news media on DSE into the global broadcasting stratosphere. On its company website Telemedia is described as having evolved into a broad-based media facility providing a sophisticated and versatile product range. Their strategy is to invest in infrastructure and running state-of-the-art equipment including - but not limited to - satellite transmission, radio and television signal distribution, microwave and SNG services, and studio production services. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle

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