Let’s Talk about Health Matters: The Solution to Conquering Obesity, lies in how you lose the weight

Facebook: All in 4 health. Instagram: allin4healthdr. Twitter: allin4healthdr By Dr T.W Ngwenya Changamire Obesity is a chronic health condition where one has excessive fat accumulation. The root causes of obesity are multifactorial. Often society including health practitioners look at overweight and obese individuals and conclude that they are being lazy, they overeater and they are people who make wrong lifestyle choice. Sometimes in our context being overweight is sometimes seen to be a sign of financial success. Obesity may be a result of a combination of factors including mental disorders, genetic predisposition, lack of health care access, poverty and traumatic life events. The South African Demographic and Health Survey of 2016 found that about 50% of adults are overweight and obese with more women being overweight and obese. Almost 70% of women in total are overweight and obese. This is the highest rate in Africa. 39.2% of women are obese compared to 10.2% of men. 24.8% women are overweight compared to 20.1% of men. In Zimbabwe the Demographic and Health Survey of 2015 also found that more women were obese and overweight. An estimated total of 24% of adults were overweight and obese.

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