The one thing that leaders are facing nowadays, is that we are facing the same challenges

Leading with questions does not stop the leader from sharing their experience, insight, or direction Dr Herbert Mtowo The most important decision a leader makes is how to invest their most valuable resources: Time and Energy. One of the biggest challenges I hear from leaders is finding enough time to focus on the most strategic parts of their roles. Too often, leaders feel overwhelmed by having to respond to the constant barrage of urgent issues that end up consuming most of their time and energy, leaving them scrambling to find “extra” time to try to achieve the most important responsibilities of their role. The dilemma often sounds like this: “I know this is important, but I am already spread too thin and…” I spend all of my time in meetings. My employees are always at my door. Our customers are constantly coming to me with: Leadership is continually giving us new projects without new resources.

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