Trust Sibanda

The debate on corruption must start by defining what it is and why it is not good for the economy as well as the moral tone of the country.

A critique on the functions of those meant to stop this cancer must also include their will and mental as well as moral capability in arresting this selfish act done by the unpatriotic.

A few were arrested for speaking against corruption in the recent past. I am not sure if I for one I am immune to its temptation as well as it now seems a normal way of life.

Maybe like anybody else I could have joined the lamentations team due to lack of access.

The police are there to arrest those found engaging in corruption and not to stop corruption.

I am sure this is their first module at those depots there are prepared and groomed to come and protect the society from the rot birthed by elicit activities like bribery and the subject under discussion.

How pure are those who are meant to protect society?

Their call-up and the demand for five Ordinary Levels including Mathematics is proving insufficient to tame their appetite for ‘free bies’.



There is need to add a baptismal certificate as part of the entry requirement. What if they buy these certificates from another corrupt Man of Cloth as the race for corruption seems to be affecting even those who must protect the society?

I have observed something which our society has already normalized. One has to pay to jump queues, to evade arrest, and to receive recognition.

This is not only a problem of Zimbabwe but it seems to be stage four cancer in Africa. I wonder why we are not taking notes from our friend China. She hangs her own social misfits.

Just a view in the moral fibre of our police who are supposed to be our protectors how many of them are clean if a lifestyle audit –a genuine one is to be carried out.

If one could compare what they drive and mansions they built over the years does it communicate to what they get annually? I am not saying they must not drive good cars and stay in mansion but I am just asking a question.

The few good cops remaining are at the risk of being tainted by their rough colleagues who seem unstoppable. The rare species of the un corruptible police must be the ones heading this essential department.

The coming of President ED in 2017 had promises of bringing order to the police but he let his guard off and they came back four folds-worse than before.

I am yet to see what we call a police block that does not have an officer who collects money on behalf of other team members.


I think everyone who has observed how transactions are done know that the guy holding a gun who is normally stationed a few meters away from the drums and spikes is the bank teller. I end it here for quick thinkers to join the blocks of the puzzle.

Stamping out corruption must not be the work of the police only. People must just adopt the “I am not paying anyone” stance because it takes two to tangle.

We only reach this level if we are patriotic and putting our country first. Citizen’s arrest must be the order of the day if we are to make people practice corruption with restraint.

We can set up ZACC and special units to combat corruption but as long as communities are not empowered to deal with corrupt individuals it will remain a dream.

Let us count politicians out in expecting them to put a curtain on corruption. They cannot sacrifice their next term. They thrive on the rot in society which they normally create single-handedly.

They know that a moral society does not have votes for protection. Another source of hope was supposed to be the church but it is filled with Profits riding on a spelling of Prophets.

People can talk of sanctions as our main enemy yes I agree but this seems to be an imported problem which we have little power over. The damage is already done. What we can control is corruption as it is locally produced and we have enough ropes to hang those implicated.

We have seen people abusing their power acquiring what they must not get and go unpunished.

It must be the duty of every citizen to restore order for the good of the future of our kids. If we all say I do not partake in corrupt activities and be prepared to be persecuted for that, then our society will be worth dying for as it will have established its value.

Trust Sibanda is a businessman. He writes in his personal capacity. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the Editorial Policy of Digital Sunday Express.














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