The Edelbert Dinha Sports Column on Sunday Express: Bafana Bafana V The Warriors Match Analysis

Bafana Bafana and The Warriors matches have a huge significance among our football players and our people at large By Edelbert Dinha This week I accepted a challenge from The Sunday Express to write a regular football column in the digital newspaper - and I must say that it feels so good to launch my long-standing interest in television sports news and media - into a different level - and take part in formal news football analysis. There are many footballers and sportspeople who opt for careers in the limelight of television punditry others go into radio sports commentary and football analysis - and I must say that for me - it has been long overdue. Look at the likes of Michael Owen, Owen Hargreaves, Tony Adams, Gary Neville - even here in South Africa - Marks Maponyane, Andre Arendse, Tinashe Nengomasha - there are so many who have gone into newspapers radio and TV - I could finish all the space here just dropping names. So this week I dropped by at the Jit Television News Studios to check out the new African broadcaster which is broadcasting on StarSat - Channel 120.

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