The Fall Of A Shadow, Through Thunder, Lightning and Rain

With her intimidating qualifications - she had landed a good job and at work no male age mate had spoken a love word to her By Nhamo Muchagumisa The happiest moment of your life is the shortest, Elvina thought as she stared at the screen of her phone. Messages poured in at close intervals, but she wondered what cloud was holding back the message that mattered most. Samson had walked out of her life as abruptly as he had walked in. She wondered what Delilah had snatched him from her. Samson was not reachable at a time when only a word from his side of the line would put her back on the walk of life. Samson’s presence in her life was like the sudden fall of a shadow whose position could change with the position of the light. The light had finally revealed to Samson that Elvina was not the schoolgirl she was pretending to be and he had decided to walk out of her life. Masquerading as a schoolgirl had found her worth as a female person soaring.

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