As a country, Zimbabwe has had different experiences with bitcoin and we all know that Golix has had a mixed response in Zimbabwe


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A week after announcing that they are the official agents for African Bush Camps – offering some of the best safari packages for Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana – Mumba Money pulled out a new one this week after announcing that they now offer services for people in SADC to buy shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Mumba Money – Zimbabwe’s newest financial services provider which is aiming at making it big on the international monet market – has revealed that they are opening up new avenues for Zimbabweans to buy and sell shares on the JSE.

A statement from the company this week said that Mumba Money – which is already offering innovative peer-to-peer money transfers for Zimbabweans in the diaspora – was now expanding its product range to include buying shares on Africa’s biggest bourse – thus allowing investors to trade in stocks in real time.

Marketing material released by the company said that many of its clients were asking for information on how share prices were determined on the JSE? – to which Mumba Money responded.

“The Exchange’s valuations are based solely on marked data. The valuations criteria used are generally agreed in consultation with market participants and approved by the relevant advisory committees of the respective markets. The valuation of a security is useful for both issuers and investors.

The statement added: “As a country, Zimbabwe has had different experiences with bitcoin and we all know that Golix has had a mixed response in Zimbabwe.

“So what Mumba Money is saying is that we have simplified trade in the shares and remember that buying and selling shares isn’t simply a random process. says that investors and traders in shares had two do solid research to determine which are the best JSE shares to buy at the specific time when one is looking to enter into the stock market.



The website said that people couldn’t just buy shares – one had to find a registered stockbroker who would purchase them on your behalf. But before one even got to that stage, it was essential to gain an understanding of the workings of the stock market and the process of buying shares on the JSE.

The JSE website has a comprehensive set of free training materials which covers all the jargon associated with JSE stock exchange shares and how to buy JSE shares, so it’s recommended that you go through these.

But how do you go about selecting the best JSE shares to buy? This largely depends on how much risk you’re willing to take, as well as your budget. There are plenty of JSE shares under R10 in price, and these are a good start for new investors looking to invest a relatively small amount. –


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