Celebrate every moment life offers. Your effort should be directed to those things you can control

By Apostle Saeni Magaso

Imagine if God had given us the preference right at birth, to choose our parents, families, nationality, skin colour, religion and gender.

I am sure some countries or places could be overpopulated, others almost lifeless. Some families would be non-existing, while some would never have the privilege and joy of being parents. Most likely we could be having one or two races on this planet…do not ask me which ones.

The fact is you are who you are and be thankful and grateful to God, things could be worse (or better). If you dwell too much on the past, if you over-emphasise the pain and suffering you were subjected to in your early life. If you hold-on to the things you had no choice or control over, chances are you may find it difficult to forgive.

Once we fail to forgive, our progress in life is greatly retarded. Consequently, we start blaming those around us for our failures.

Revenge, sweet as we may call it brings temporal satisfaction. It brings a false feeling of fairness. In the long run, revenge prolongs the bitterness, pain and unpleasantness to both parties. Gandhi once said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

He is responsible for the death of your father, consequently, you could not go to school or you lost your family house or car.
Your breadwinner was taken away from you, painfully.


You were conceived out of rape; your mother’s life was destroyed at an early age.

You were dumped and saved by strangers. You were brought up in a children’s home. The word father or mother was never part of your childhood vocabulary.

Your sister ran away with your fiancé, when the wedding was just around the corner. Or she destroyed your family. She was paid to give false testimony and you were incarcerated. You lost your job, your property and yourself.

Your father was always making decisions for you. Today you have no professional qualification or family. The list is endless. The story is true, painful and alive. But it’s in the past.

Oh yes, it’s true, if you were given the right to chose your parents, race, nationality, or gender; you could be a male Chinese in Hong Kong leaving next door to Jackie chan. Or a Moslem in Dubai. You could be enjoying a peaceful life in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa or a white female in Paris!

The fact is you are who you are because God has a purpose for you in life. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself WHY. If you know your WHY, you will live in peace with yourself and with those around you. Letting go of the painful past will help you understand that there are those things you can control and those you will never control.


Your effort should be therefore directed to those things you can control and influence. Those things that can make you a changemaker and impact the life of others positively. Your effort should be directed in fulfilling your purpose, in answering your WHY.

Life is not fair. Yes, that is true. Trying to level the playing ground will lead you to a bitter self. Yes, family background and society may influence your tomorrow. Do you think Serena Williams could have been the greatest sportswoman if she was born to an Indian family in Kashmir! Just to say.

We have a lot of talent in remote communities of Africa, South America, the East. Talent is going to waste every century because it is not tapped into.

The only time a talent can be exploited is when it is given an opportunity. That opportunity will be realised by the smallest fraction of the population in this life. Be a celebrity to yourself, be a hero to your family and friends.

Celebrate every moment life offers.


What you have though is the ability to be the master of your own life you have now. Try to manage what you have at your disposal. You have been in dreamland for too long. We all want to be millionaires.

We all want that dream holiday. You want to be CR7, that was a nice dream when you were seven, you are now forty. That is not for you. Just accept that you are who you are and you can compose a sweet melody with what you have.

Revenge cannot undo the past. Two wrongs will never be right. It’s heavy on you. It is painful. Cry it out! Shout it out! And forgive. It will remove the biggest burden in your heart and mind that is retarding your progress. One day you will be happy you did the right thing!

By the way, do not inflict pain or suffering on someone’s life. Unless by accident.

God back and pick up all pieces you drooped along the way. It’s never too late to re-group, rebound, forgive and move forward. Do not wish for what you buy with a million dollars when you have 50 cents.

At times it’s too expensive to fake it. Make the best of the 50 cents now. Impact a life, make happy memories, give hope and have fun.



Apostle Saeni Magaso is CM Chairperson at the Gauteng United Methodist Church, based in Rosettenville. Facebook: Saeni Magaso. Twitter: Saeni_Magaso. Instagram: Saeni Snr Magaso. Whatsapp: 082 360 0871. saenimaga@gmail.com





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