From the Gaso Desk: Time To Impact A Life, Make Happy Memories, Give Hope And Have Fun

Celebrate every moment life offers. Your effort should be directed to those things you can control By Apostle Saeni Magaso Imagine if God had given us the preference right at birth, to choose our parents, families, nationality, skin colour, religion and gender. I am sure some countries or places could be overpopulated, others almost lifeless. Some families would be non-existing, while some would never have the privilege and joy of being parents. Most likely we could be having one or two races on this planet…do not ask me which ones. The fact is you are who you are and be thankful and grateful to God, things could be worse (or better). If you dwell too much on the past, if you over-emphasise the pain and suffering you were subjected to in your early life. If you hold-on to the things you had no choice or control over, chances are you may find it difficult to forgive. Once we fail to forgive, our progress in life is greatly retarded. Consequently, we start blaming those around us for our failures. Revenge, sweet as we may call it brings temporal satisfaction. It brings a false feeling of fairness.

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