Bring out your dancing shoes: because On The Beat is shaking things up

On The Beat Reporter

This week we mark our debut on the Sunday Express with a description of what On The Beat is, and its place in the broader scheme of things at Just In time Television.

Given the vastness of the continent – On The Beat aims to position itself as the chain that connects African music with its people. Already dubbed as the freshest music show in Africa – not only does On The Beat guarantee African viewers episodes jam packed with the latest and freshest sounds of Zimbabwe as well as Africa as a whole  – but the show does assure its viewers entertainment, edutainment and infotainment through music, art, creativity and artist interviews.

The show serves as a place where guest artists can finally come alive and be themselves as well as express their creativity through the interviews that will be held during episodes.

The pride of Africa is the spirit of unity and On The Beat aims on exploring the rich cultures of African music and dance and to take the African and International market by storm.



With Africa’s wide offer of musical genres, ranging from Afrobeat, sungura, hip hop, Tcha Tcho, Ama Piano and dancehall amongst the many more that the motherland has to offer – the production team at On The Beat is more than ecstatic to be the platform that will be promoting upcoming talent and as well as serve as the voice for all the brilliant artists that find themselves being classified as “unestablished”.

The show will be hosting different guests from all walks of life – this guarantees the viewers a glimpse into their favorite artist’s world – and this will be a fun way for people to connect with the real side of musicians and artists.

Apart from breaking barriers – the show prides itself in showcasing raw talent, starting in-house with a home grown presenter a whose vision for the show is to journey viewers through the discovery of Africa through music.

The presenter kick-started her career in the entertainment industry as a model amongst the many other roles that she continues to explore and not only is she of a mixed African heritage but Sonia Black is multilingual, and has an undying love for music, making her the perfect candidate to communicate to the different cultures of Africa and we look forward to her translation of Africa through music.


A lot of music research goes into each episode, from upcoming artists, raw talent, to chart-topping artists, to the latest music and dance trends, your Friday nights will never be same again, with a show that is here to introduce the world to a whole new version of Africa, your perspective of African music will never be the same again.

 With so much positive feedback from the public, On The Beat is here to set your weekend tone, hold on to your seats because this show promises to be a hit.