Many people focus on who I am – forgetting that the question should really be: Who Am I becoming?

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News is never far from The Sunday Express Show – and The Sunday Express Show is never far from the news. Week six – and your favourite digital newspaper is alive in 36 countries. In our six editions so far – we have brought a business coach, a high profile politician, a meteorologist, a graduate development manager, and a wine connoisseur.

Leno was away – but in came Nokuthula TshabalalaIntokazi YakwaMshengu to host the programme – and guess who came to the programme as guest this week: Joshua Maponga III

He is a man who needs no introduction to the Sunday Express viewership, readership and news community – we had him in the newspaper a couple of times – and by the time we got to meet him in flesh this week – we found that he is filming sets everyday, sometimes twice, three times or more – and is in high demand with content producers.

That’s because this man – from the Svosve Clan in Buhera – maintains that mainstream media has not made enough time with him – his thoughts, his preachings and his beliefs – adding that his works are for everyone who want to learn, not only his language – but his culture and writings.




Maponga is known for his work as a social entrepreneur with organisations such as Entrepreneurial Development Southern Africa, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and Global Management Centre (UK).

He is a public speaker, he runs a popular YouTube channel – has appeared on many television programmes, as well as countless guests appearances, on dramas, series, documentaries, interviews and speeches, and has also published numerous books.

But a side that is perhaps only known to a few of his friends and colleagues – and which he was happy to share with the viewers on Jit TV and on the Sunday Express Show – is that he is a multi-instrumentalist with his cache of music hardly published.

“With Farmers of Thought, all we are embarking on behaviour modification, and we are saying that our mental framework as Africans is on a trajectory that needs to be changed. Farmers of Thought is an entire institution that works on your genetics and inner workings.

“If your hardware is not configured properly, then your software will not work, and if that happens it means you are stuck. Thinking is free but thought processes can be modified,” Maponga said.




He added: “Have you ever wondered why the Middle East has become the centre of the world? So if the east is now in the middle, where is the North East, the South East, the North East or the West. In reality Africa itself is joined at the hip with Israel, Africans are part of the axis. Madagascar is further from Africa than is Dubai, or Qatar. So what does that make us as Africans? Do we even fully understand the story of David and Goliath?”

Maponga was at his best, explaining that much needed to be done to reposition African cultures, religion and much more needed to be done to integrate Africans in the sub-continents – saying the Alkebulun is a language that sought to decolonise Christianity.

While the bulk of the interview centred – not on who he is –  but who he is becoming – Maponga said that people had to take more time not learn about his musicality, his artistry and craftsmanship, his sense of creativity and sculptural work, as well as his tradesmanship and work in the media.

He makes his own fashion, designs his own furniture, writes his own books, paints his own pictures and owns over 600 single paintings which his family had advised him to keep – even when he thought of selling them.

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