The Journey To Actuarial Practice In Africa – Prosper Tafadzwa Matiashe

Formula and numbers don't deliver value by themselves, it’s how you apply them to the business Prosper Tafadzwa Matiashe My name is Prosper Tafadzwa Matiashe. I am going to share with you my little story and how you can also join the profession of Actuarial Science. I was born in Chimanimani, 29 September 1992. I am from a small and remote village called Matiashe Village. I did my primary education at Takaengwa Primary School. It's a very small and under-resourced school but has performed well. The school has three classrooms and 3 teachers. So grade 1 and 2 learn in one room with one teacher. Grade 3 and 4 in another room with one teacher. If you are good enough, you jump from grade 4 to grade 6. Then grade 6 and 7 in one room and one teacher. So you can imagine, the pressure of resources and teachers being very stretched to cater to every student. At grade 7, I managed to get 6 units in 2004. Of course I had two units in English, and 2 in Shona.

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