Mental Health And Dealing With The Issue Of Body Image

Mental Health: Wellbeing and Happiness Series with MoNya-Mental By Psychotherapist Mertha Mo Nyamande This week we continue with the topic of Mental Health - and we are looking at the issue of body image. The way we appear to ourselves and to others communicates a lot about us than the words themselves can ever express; from the hairstyles, we wear to the shoes on our feet and everything in between, including or complexion, size; how tall or short, big or small, able-bodied or disabled. Most people do not understand this concept and think wearing clothes, hair, lashes, labels, enlargements and any make-up, have no meaning, “It's just about looking and feeling good”. While we are creatures of a habit, we also crave belonging, and wearing certain labels can make us feel like we belong in a certain class or group of people that we may look up to.

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