The aroma of cooked goat meat filled the air, and had everyone craving for a taste

By Farai Madzivanyika

There were 25 entrants but there could be only one winner, a runner up and a second runner up. Team Mbudzilicious lead by Weddington Masawi, Team Pamuromo by Chef Madzi and Team Originals whose boat was steered by Gari Dombo.

It was the 11th of September, a crisp spring morning as the teams and their families began the trek out to Zvezda Game Farm in Brits – some 70 odd kilometers from Johannesburg. It was finally here. The Brawlers Spring Family Cookout competition. The main ingredient – goat meat.

Twenty Five teams entered and the competition for who could come up with the best goat dish was on. The Brawlers, a bunch of Zimbabweans who have come together to share business, sport and other initiatives decided: “Let’s come up with a program that encourages family unity as well as promoting a sense of community amongst Zimbabweans”.

And so – one of the founders – Don Chimhandamba and Allen G Nyampa – came up with the family cook-out competition. Allen G, the main organiser then set out to coordinate and organise the first-ever Brawlers family cookout that turned out into a hit with all who attended and caused much envy amongst those who could not.

We arrived at the Game Farm that teams with hundreds of various game that includes Wildebeest, Warthog, Impala, kudu and many many more. Braai stands had been set up with piles of firewood prepared and made available to the contestants.




As the teams arrived, the set up their gazebos and work stations and their families settled in for a day that was to turn out as one of the most successfully organized family outings.

The day was not to be filled with just cooking and food alone. As the fires roared into life and created ambers for the cast iron pots to go on and begin the process of cooking goat in many different ways, some of the other festivities began.

Mo$hpit Cindy (Nonthando Madziwanyika), a budding young music artist who has just released an EP that is playing on some of the main radio stations in South Africa and streaming globally took to the stage to belt out.

As the chefs prepared their meals to be judged by a panel of experienced judges at the end of the day, the aroma that filled the air had everyone craving for a taste of the flavors that ranged from the Caribbean to Indian to West African and to home in Southern Africa.

The banter between the teams was lively as Team Pamuromo lead by Chef Madzi (Farai Madziwanyika) proved that for sure, vane pamuromo as they taunted and threw jibes at all who cared to listen.

Team Lake Harvest braaied a mean bream and Frank made some tasty ribs that were garnished with some fresh greens, but I think he missed the brief because they were pork ribs, not GOAT Frank. Team Masau had their Gin on show and on tap that provided much refreshment as the day began to hot up in the afternoon and that Gin caused much merriment late into the evening too.

Midafternoon, the fun and games away from the pots continued as the kids enjoyed some swimming and Go-Karting courtesy of Sipambi International and Anos Machinjike, a tall burly gentleman tumbled whilst partaking of the sack race.

He humbly limped across the finish line and complained of sore body parts well into the following week. Could this have been as a result of spending too much time at the Team Masau station……. I wonder. Only Anos knows.




As evening arrived and the tasting and judging began, the crowds enjoyed the feast that ensued as they partook of a traditional goat stew and sadza from Team Originals who later took 3rd place, some goat tacos snacks, garlic butter pan-fried goat steak flambéed in a splash of Hennessey Cognac and topped with salad greens and goat feta cheese as a starter, followed by an Indian goat curry and finished off with a goat milkshake by Team Pamuromo who came second.

The winner of the day, Team Mbudzilicious was serving their Caribbean-style Jamaican Goat Curry that surely tasted good. Their neighbors, Team Pamuromo tried to raise pandemonium by accusing Team Mbudzilicious of having arrived late – and had to poach a fire from the runners up.

But though true, that was not enough to get the vote reversed as the Brawlers Electoral Commission had made their pronouncements.

Team Bhodo also raised complaints that they had made some financial donations to one of the Judges – but they did not win whilst Team Halakasha took the “kurakashwa” in silence and conceded defeat. All in all, it was a fantastic day spent with wives, children and family.

A donation of R50 0000 collected by the Brawlers for a family in Zimbabwe that has just delivered triplets was handed over on behalf of the needy family.



As the banter continued on the Brawler Culinary WhatsApp group – Don and Allen G – probably sitting and sipping on some Team Masau Gin – came up with yet another crazy but likely fun idea – The Brawlers Family Fusion Festival – that is being planned for later this year and will involve families once again coming together for a major competition that will include a cookout, running, hiking, fishing cycling and many more.

It sounds like a decathlon of fun if you ask me.

Well done Brawlers. You have shown that as Zimbabweans we can come together, share business ideas, bring families together and have a sense of community. It is small things like this that make us all proud to be Zimbabwean. Brawlers Family Fusion, here we come.

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