Great Memories Of Brawlers Family Fun Day. Now For Brawlers Family Fusion Festival

The aroma of cooked goat meat filled the air, and had everyone craving for a taste By Farai Madzivanyika There were 25 entrants but there could be only one winner, a runner up and a second runner up. Team Mbudzilicious lead by Weddington Masawi, Team Pamuromo by Chef Madzi and Team Originals whose boat was steered by Gari Dombo. It was the 11th of September, a crisp spring morning as the teams and their families began the trek out to Zvezda Game Farm in Brits - some 70 odd kilometers from Johannesburg. It was finally here. The Brawlers Spring Family Cookout competition. The main ingredient - goat meat. Twenty Five teams entered and the competition for who could come up with the best goat dish was on. The Brawlers, a bunch of Zimbabweans who have come together to share business, sport and other initiatives decided: “Let’s come up with a program that encourages family unity as well as promoting a sense of community amongst Zimbabweans”. And so - one of the founders - Don Chimhandamba and Allen G Nyampa - came up with the family cook-out competition.

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