Newsmakers Galore At The Sunday Express As Congo Brazzaville Presidential Candidate Comes To Studio

Top politician, former deputy minister, philanthropist and IT specialist - turns out to be a great story teller The Sunday Express As has become custom - its newsmakers week every week at The Sunday Express - and if we were to be defined by the quality the guests coming through - then Seeing News Differently is definitely a tag made for the headlines. This week - in came a special guest - former Congo Brazzaville Presidential candidate Roger Nzaba - who is also CEO & Chairman: PCA Group (Pty)Ltd: Owner of Itel Group Holdings: Patron of the Roger Nzaba Foundation and Goodwill Ambassador for the World International Film And Music Festival. After a few weeks of planning for the interview - Nzaba made a scheduled appearance at our Rivonia studios - and discussed everything from current affairs news, African geopolitics and investments to clothing, mining, timber, oil, freight, furniture, and his all-time passion information technology. But above all - he turned out to be quite a great storyteller - able to juggle questions in philanthropy and futurism. "You see Africans have a great responsibility to take their own continent forward.

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