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Who Is Causing The Parallel Rate Markets To Spike? Well We Don’t Need Too Look Very Far – Do We?

The duty is yours to put 1 and 1 together as readers - and see the elephant in the room By Ngoni Chihombori The 23rd September edition of The Herald carried an article whose title I found to be interesting. The article was titled “ Who is causing parallel rate markets to spike?” What caught my attention particularly were the questions that this title evoked within my mind. Was this supposed to be a rhetorical question, especially coming from a publication within the government-controlled media stable? A few days earlier, within the same week of publication, while reading through the news, I read through another article reporting on an event at which the Vice-President, Retired General Constantino Chiwenga was supposedly quoted accusing some unnamed, invisible and, “mysterious” saboteurs clocking in double and triple shifts, just so to frustrate government efforts of stabilizing the economy through the manipulation of the parallel market currency rates. What I am still battling to crack right now is that, assuming this question weren’t meant to be rhetorical, such a question coming from the government would have either of the following explanations.

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