We believe in creating a positive image of our country as Zimbabweans as a precursor to greater engagement

Farai Madzivanyika

The Diaspora Desk which sits within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has extended an invitation on behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe to any Zimbabweans living abroad to join this planned Diaspora Forum scheduled to take part alongside the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair on Thursday 23 September 2021 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Bulawayo.

ZimThrive Trust, one of the entities that has been invited for which I act as its coordinator for Southern Africa as well as its liaison officer, is a diaspora initiative that seeks to encourage fellow Zimbabweans living abroad to highlight the great and positive aspects of our country such as its wonderful peoples, cultures, foods, tourist destinations and many, many more.

We believe in creating a positive image of our country as Zimbabweans as a precursor to greater engagement. One of our major events, the Diaspora Homecoming Event that had been planned for April 2020 had to be cancelled due to covid. We are however deliberating on when next to plan the Homecoming for.

Returning to the Diaspora Forum at hand, though this forum was initially planned for July, it was cancelled due to covid and moved to August where it again was cancelled due to the same reasons.



Due to the relaxation recently of covid guidelines and restrictions, the show is now on and all are invited in person or virtually via a zoom link that will be shared via e-mail, and other social media platforms.

The theme of this years’ Trade Far is “Showcasing the new normal for business and industry: Realities and Opportunities”.
The Diaspora Forum therefore seeks to discuss diaspora involvement and participation within this context. This seems yet another effort by the Government to reach out and engage with the diaspora as it appears there are more and more similar initiatives being rolled out, possibly as part of the re engagement process, I suppose.

The speaker lineup has tentatively got the Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador James Manzou, the Resident Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Hon. J. Ncube, the CEO of the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (ZIDA), Mr Doug Munatsi, Mr Farai Madziwanyika the coordinator for ZimThrive Trust, a diaspora initiative that seeks to help create a better narrative about the country, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Hon. Amb. F. M. M Shava.

The event will also stream via various media channels the main one being via Zoom. A meeting link has already been created and is in circulation for those who are keen to participate.





There will be a question-and-answer session at the end where professionally presented questions will be fielded and responses given by the respective questioned party.

As we all know, the Diaspora Policy review process is under way.

Various groups are canvassing and collating contributions which shall be submitted by the end of September before the process of drafting the new policy begins. For all who are interested in contributing to the diaspora policy review, feel free to submit your inputs individually or as a group to tradediaspora@zimfa.gov.zw and tradediaspora@gmail.com. These are the main submission channels.

For other updates, please feel free to visit www.zimthrive.com or visit our twitter handle or just simply e-mail faraim@zimthrive.com

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