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The Candy Monster: In Memory Of The Live Coals That Her Mother Had Poured On Her

Jane gradually allowed herself to transform into a candy monster, choking the lonely elder out of his wits Nhamo Muchagumisa Jane had made up her mind to apologise to the old man. At least that would lighten the burden on her heart, but not remove it. Nobody had done anything to atone for the wrongs they had done her, but did it matter now? Will she not play her part just because others had not played their parts? The odour of the blood of the people she had murdered in her nightmares began to suffocate her. Her mother was always her first victim, and the groans of a she devil in her death agony filled her ears. Her bedroom choked with the smell and the guttural noises of people tortured by the pain of certain death. Having made up her mind, she could feel every moment of the night dragging towards uncertain dawn. Mr Tazvirega had filed a court application against her, seeking a protection order.

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