Geo-political move marks focus by Zimbabwe’s ruling party on the richest square mile in Africa

The Sunday Express

Top Zimbabwean lawyer practising in South Africa – Advocate Simba Chitando – has bagged an influential position after he was appointed as the new Chairman for the Zanu-PF Sandton Branch.

Sandton is the richest square mile on the African continent. Edgar Bvuma is appointed the Vice Chairperson. Other senior leadership positions in the new branch include: Wellington Manyonda, as secretary for Administration, and Emmanuel Charumbira as Secretary for Finance. Mabhena was appointed to the commissariat, and Chiriseri took the top position of secretary for security.

Adv Chitando said that the Zanu PF Sandton branch is committed to supporting President Emmerson Mnangagwa, assisting the Zanu-PF leadership structures, strict observance to the Zanu PF Constitution, the Zimbabwe is open for business agenda, and the rule of law. Zanu PF Sandton Branch is crucial to Zanu PF’s vision 2030, and Zimbabwe is open for business policy.

Sources told The Sunday Express that Zanu-PF was at a crucial stage of the geopolitics – not only in Zimbabwe itself, but also internationally – as the country was still fighting a brutal war against western countries that imposed sanctions on the country.





While the ruling party has weathered a number of storms in its international affairs, domestic affairs and regional affairs – the party was seeking to consolidate its position in South Africa – where an estimated 3.5 to 4 million Zimbabweans are reportedly living and working – giving the South Africa district a key position in managing Zim diaspora news, affairs, concerns and opportunities for political influence.

Chitando told the Sunday Express that Zimbabweans in the diaspora had to take their rightful place among the body politics of Zimbabwe – many discourses had to be undertaken – and the realisation that the bulk of Zimbabwe’s remittances were coming from South Africa – was reason enough to run a stronger Zanu-PF in the richest square mile on the continent.

While the party had a strong presence in many regions in Gauteng and in the Western Cape – the need to consolidate the Sandton branch was premised on harnessing the collective of the Zimbabweans who are living in the mink and manure of Sandton – but also harness the investors, bankers and business community in Joburg North.

Advocate Chitando has dealt with a number of high profile cases – and has been quoted in cases involving the plight od truck drivers, immigration issues, and has been at the forefront of anti-sanctions activities.


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