Zimbabwe Sets Rules For Growing Cannabis – In Drive To Boost Foreign Currency Revenue

Country outlaws rules requiring sole state ownership for cannabis farming - to encourage investment in the plant for industrial and medicinal uses By Jit Television Daily, Sunday Express and VOA Zimbabwe has announced the rules for growing cannabis, as the country seeks to boost foreign currency revenue and benefit from the rapidly growing industry. Anxious Masuka, the agriculture minister, under regulations published in a government gazette this week - said three types of permits can be issued for growers, researchers and industrial hemp merchants. As reported on Jit TV News Bulletin - growers are only allowed to cultivate, market and sell industrial hemp and researchers may cultivate for research purposes. A merchant can contract individual farmers, procure and process industrial hemp into a specified product. Prior to the new rule people found growing cannabis in Zimbabwe were liable to a jail term of up to 12-years. 57 foreign and local entities have been licensed to grow medicinal cannabis in Zimbabwe while owning 100 percent of their investment. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Entities involved in the cultivation and processing of this medicinal cannabis are from Germany - Switzerland - Canada as well as local players from Zimbabwe

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