Fiction : The New Road, And Its Range Of New Destinations

Now, life was returning to his body in painful trickles, punctuated by the repetition of the blow that his assailant most likely thought had sent him to the spirit world By Nhamo Muchagumisa The deadly encounter continued replaying itself in Zvataona's mind. First, his hand on the door handle of his car and then the door opening instantly and a heavy object landing on his head, splitting his skull and blasting his brain matter. The pain coursed through his body as what happens when one's naked hand touches a naked live wire, till it reached the soles of his feet, turning his shoes to bags of very hot air in which his feet were being roasted. The pain raced up his legs again, turning his knees to pulp in the process, but before his head blew up in a geyser of liquefied brain matter, he dropped unconscious. Sometimes Zvataona wondered if it was a single blow that had incapacitated him or it was a series of blows.

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