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News Analysis: Is Paul Kagame Lining Up As The New Rambo Of Africa

Undoubtedly, Rwanda’s involvement in Mozambique has sealed its reputation as a regional military powerhouse By Robin Makayi When then Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe deployed his troops to DRC in the mid 1990s, the Drum Magazine famously nicknamed him ‘Africa’s Rambo’. Mugabe’s aim was to neutralize the Western-backed rebel forces that had besieged the nation and almost engulfed the capital Kinshasa, the Taliban style, in their attempt to wrestle power from the then newly installed leader Desire Kabila. A quarter century later, Rwanda, under the leadership of energetic, persuasive and masterfully tactical Paul Kagame saved the gas- rich region of Cabo Delgado from Islamic State rebels who were threatening the peace and security of the region and the country. The emergency of Rwanda as a helpful military power in the region shall go beyond social, political and economic fronts as Kagame’s recent visit to Mozambique has revealed. Yet the most daunting question remains: Who is the biggest loser? The rise of Rwanda Rwanda is a country that rose from the ashes of 1994 genocide. Rather than remain trapped in the hurt of the past, Rwanda has been on a path of economic growth and prosperity.

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