If Political Parties Of Today Had This Character Of Tolerance And Acceptance – We Would Be In A Better Space

By Akson Potera

Did you know that Lutheran Church is one of the iconic churches in Zimbabwe? Lutheran, a religious (Xrian) institution that broke away from Roman Catholic emerged in the 16th century.

This unfolded in a way I can call Christian Politics due to Martin Luther who left Roman Catholic.

The main aim of the breakaway was reforming the Christianity religion. That was one of the most important decisions Luther made. Four centuries down the line, still the reform has an undeniable positive impact on today’s life.

There is a live political lesson on what happened between Lutheran and Roman Catholic.

First, the Roman Catholic just let the existence of Lutheran go on, secondly, Lutheran as a breakaway institution also fulfilled its mandate as a church of God.

If Political parties of today had this character of tolerance and acceptance, that the emergency of emerging parties is a blessing in terms of building a bank of leadership skills, Zimbabwe in particular and Africa, in general, would have been miles away from poverty.

Lutheran’s Pragmatism

Millions of Zimbabweans were and are attending Lutheran schools. A very important developmental role.

In Mberengwa West, we have Masase Mission, North, Mnene and Chegato and South, Musume.

This, I believe it also happened in other parts of our country.

There are three well planned and notable collaborative development plans :
All these missions have 3 community service institutions, not a primary school only but secondary schools and hospitals.

That shows a well-co-ordinated development plan.  Secondary schools have feeder primary schools and health institutions closer.  That is something to be applauded.

As Lutheran laid the excellent foundation of how development is successfully executed, why are we failing to fit our foot steps in those of Lutheran?



Lutheran also went on to introduce a vital arm commonly known as Non-formal education for work skills, which aimed to help those who were unreachable through formal education system or graduates and workers who want to improve their skills.

Vashandiri is one good vocational training centre that produced a sizable number of skilled labour in Midlands and beyond.  Education and Health were the principal objectives on Lutheran Church

Education and health are hand and glove in the life of citizens and that is a commendable and unforgettable development work Lutheran provided to millions of Zimbabweans.
I wish all of us should find ways to follow suit.

But for us to win the war against underdevelopment, we have been tolerant, united, and move away from politics of power to politics for development.

The church of today isn’t the same as that of yesterday. The church of today is all about fulfilling the personal needs 5 Hierarchy of Needs as described by Abraham Maslow in 1943.



More reading can be found in the Paper Titled: Churches and Community Development in Zimbabwe.

The writer is a Community Development: Educator, Consultant, Practitioner and Activist. He is the Executive Director of FCDC Southern Africa, email: fcdc-training@outlook.com



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