Six new appointments bring new perspectives and breadth of experience to guide and shape the implementation of our new strategy

Dr Ian Robert Henney

I am delighted to welcome six members to be included as outstanding individuals to the ZIBC Board of directors. They join us at an exciting and important time as we launch a new strategy and begin to transform the way we work before our final launch on the 26th of November 2021.

Each one of them brings a wealth of experience from careers in innovation and data science, life sciences and medtech, and digital publishing – all critical elements of our future work. I look forward to working with them in the coming weeks and months.




The new executive directors will be

1. Vice President Ruth will remain Vice President but will be ZIBC global head of communications. Reporting to the me, she will deliver the ZIBC Brand and Market it and work cross-functionally through the committee and she will manage a development team and marketing team. She will also be expected to implement structure and development plans for the marketing and development teams.

2. Vice President Cathrine Bucknor will remains Vice President but will be ZIBC head Co-ordinator and Administrative Services.

Reporting to me, her job will include Directing and evaluating administrative operations and ensure the committee operates in a smooth, efficient manner, Developing, analyzing, reviewing, and implementing administrative systems and controls.

3. Thandi Ncube will be the new PA to the President and her job is to serve as the face of my office, compiles letters, notes, memos, documents and other items for me as the President and Makes travel arrangements, develops itineraries and Manages the president’s schedule, making appointments and meetings.

4. Ms Addlyne Mckenzie will be ZIBC Global Organisational Development Specialist and remain SA representative.

Her job will be to use her passion for interacting with people, technology and media to create a global services platform for ZIBC videos and beyond and a provider of technical services to the IT team and enable leading content creators and publishers to leverage our expertise and capacity across the lifecycle of interactive content.

In so doing she will empower our members to remain lean and agile.

5. Fungai Mundoma will be ZIBC Global Manager for Programs and Processes ICT also in charge of website maintenance and upgrades.

Fungai’s job will be to lead ZIBC global strategy of systems and technology aligning with ZIBC strategic vision and priorities as a global guardian of ZIBC by recommending & participating in activities related to the design, development, and maintenance of future systems

6. Thomas Date will be the new ZIBC Organisational Development Administrator. This is a powerful position and Mr Date is responsible for ensuring that a relevant and supportive development provision is available to all executive members across the organisation to meet both individual and organisational needs.

This is a wide-ranging post with responsibilities to provide professional administrative support to the executive.



I am really pleased to welcome the six directors to the Board. Alongside our existing Board members, the Secretary General Mr Chengeta, and ZIBC advisor Dr Mutisi, and other executive members, the six bring a fantastic perspective and breadth of experience to help guide and shape the implementation of our new strategy.

It will be a privilege to have their input and I look forward to working alongside them.




Dr Ian Robert Henney is President and Chairman of the Zimbabwe Investment Business


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