We need to propel our football to greater heights and avoid making decisions based on emotions


By Terrence Mwedzi

It is disheartening, shocking, destressing, and devastating to note that the Zimbabwe Warriors failed again to progress to the third round of the 2022 Fifa World Cup Qualifiers.

Our boys (The Warriors) started off so badly against South Africa and their performance continued to shrink and fade away with each and every game.

Sure it is disgusting that they lost their next match 1-0 to Ethiopia, 3-1 and 1-0 to Ghana in back-to-back matches.  This is a huge blow to us and we have to start questioning ourselves if we are still a football nation.

This is not the type of football, and the type of results that we used to know and see. Such a run of poor form. Loss after loss and not a single inspiring performance.

I don’t like and support this kind of football the boys are playing.  Honestly, it pains me a lot.

It is known that under interim coach Norman Mapeza, who replaced Zdravko Logarušic , the boys chances against Ghana were always going to be questionable and very very slim.

Surely, what went wrong? Where are we going as a nation? Is this what we deserve as football loving-fans to live in pain? No.



Zifa must give the nation something to smile about

At this stage the Zimbabwe Football Association must go back to the drawing board and give the nation something to smile about.  They must start afresh otherwise I will not forgive ZIFA for what is doing for our nation.  We are going backwards.

In addition, these national games should be taken seriously.  Now, we are a laughing stock in the region-and ZIFA is responsible for this latest poor show.

The individuals at number 52 Livingstone Road should do something worthwhile and respect football fans.  It is high time the ZIFA do the right thing because these kingpins have been defending Loga who caused the team to go for 14 games with 1 win against the Zebras of Botswana which is one of the weakest teams in the region.  We have to be serious about football.

Furthermore, Norman Mapeza is just cleaning Zdravko Logarusic’s mess and it is too early to put all the blame on him.

Currently, he is not part of the problem what we must do is to give him enough time to build a strong team that will give us the much-needed results at the Afcon tournament next year.

I think that we must offload the players like Knowledge Musona and Khama Billiat…etc because many players in the national team are no longer good/fit enough to be there.

Their time is over with the national team.

They were good, but now they are old and it is time to give the youngsters a chance to showcase their God-given talents.

And the other issue is that we don’t have good goalkeepers in the national team.  They are all average.



Look At What Hugo Broos Is Doing With Bafana Bafana

I urge  Mapeza to use his vast experience to search for good goalkeepers.  Without mincing my words, Talbert Shumba is not fit to play for the national team.

We have to find a good goalkeeper as soon as possible.

The time to shift the attention of the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations Finals is now.

I strongly support Mapeza’s decision to use the remaining games to prepare for the AFCON next year since the next matches have been reduced to a dead rubber.

Furthermore, we need to propel our football to greater heights and avoid making decisions based on emotions.  A lot has to be done and the coach’s contract should be performance-based.

It is not wise to keep the coach who is producing poor results for too long it’s ZIFA’s duty.

South Africa’s Bafana Bafana are now playing better football than us and they keep on winning games and collecting maximum points and chances are now high for them to qualify for the World Cup Finals.

If truth be told the Belgian tactician, Hugo Broos is taking his time to build a strong team bit by bit-which we will play a good football in the very near future. If you look at the level of football that South Africa is playing – you will agree with what I am saying.

That is what we must do, we must follow suit. We need youngsters who can bring more quality to the team.



South Africa is not a football nation but they are just taking national football games seriously unlike us.

In Zimbabwe we should have junior national teams because many countries which are playing football are using young players from under 20 and 23 in their national teams which is good.

They will grow with the national team and play long period.

In the same vein, lack of proper junior policy in Zimbabwe shows that there are big problems somewhere.

It is time to rebuild a fantastic team.

ZIFA must not be big-headed when it comes to football matters because we will go to AFCON tournament and add numbers again.  We need to prepare well and do more friendly games in time.

If we do so, we will not sink because what is more crucial at this stage is to change football narratives.




Terrence Mwedzi is a writer, poet, and football pundit.He writes to the Digital Sunday Express newspaper in his own capacity and can be contacted on;+27611370088. Email:moontafadzwa@gmail.com


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