Bigger audiences await DSE writers, strategists, commentators, analysts, decision-makers, opinion leaders – and all those who dare to See News Differently

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This week we begin the process of selling The Sunday Express to the many people – writers, strategists, commentators, analysts, decision-makers, opinion leaders – and all those who dare to See News Differently – every week.

The Sunday Express owes a lot to all those who assist our readers, followers, fans, stakeholders and subscribers to unpack and explain the news – and the time has come for us to give back to the news communities – those who shape, engage and set the agenda on the digital newspaper – and on the Zim-SA communities throughout the world.

Ours has been a quasi-public mandate to inform, educate and entertain – and as such we are selling – this newspaper – yes: selling as in saying; henceforth: The Sunday Express – all four editions – will now be sold as a premium product that you can buy, pay for, and do whatever you want with your newspaper.

By acquiring your subscription – you – our forerunners at The Sunday Express 200 will exercise the first option to become signed up subscribers in the pilot project that rolls out on November 1 – and you will be the first group of people to grab your subscriber copies – and test out the DSE subscription services – complete with products, services, promotions, merchandise and amazing readers rewards with our partners and groups of companies.



It is a strategic move on our – and your side – you derive the full value out of The Sunday Express and its 5 million readers a month on multiple platforms – and you get the opportunity to shape the direction of the newspaper, but also the national discourse of the Zim diaspora – in more ways than currently available.

So check out the cover price that we have included on the COVER of DSE this week – and prepare to claim your stake in this newspaper – and for the future.

Our subscriptions will be rolled out on a R12.50 / $1 (per copy per week)  for all new subscriptions – this for you (the readers) to receive four newspapers per month at R49 discounted (T&Cs).

However we shall gradually lock this newspaper – so that it is only available to subscribers only – and it is them who will share with their own followers, groups, friends, colleagues, schools, organisations, networks and all other readers downstream.

It is a pilot project to be rolled out throughout what remains of October, and right through November and during the whole festive season.

The complete subscriber value pack will be consolidated in February 2022 – so worry not – we will guide you every step of the way in which The Sunday Express will unlock all the value that has been in the Sunday Express thus far – and hand it over to you (the reader) on a silver platter.

Touch Tomorrow with DSE. Unlock Readers’s Value Points, Prepare To Earn Rewards Every Week: And See News Differently.


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