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An Opportune Week To Remember The Great Muammar Gaddafi Of Libya

National sovereignty should not block the pathway to African unity By Paul Dzimano Revolutionary salutations cadres. We remember the PAN Africanist Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who was assassinated on the 20th October 2011 in Sirte Libya. United we bargain, alone we beg. Gaddafi knew that unity was both a strategy and solution for African problems. Gaddafi's quest for a Unified Africa was the basis for his quest for a Unified Africa. On 9 September 1999, in the city of Sirte, Libya, at the Fourth Extraordinary Session of the OAU Summit, Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi, proposed a motion to dissolve OAU and called for a new organization anchored in the idea of a union government. Gaddafi, submitted a blueprint for a complete unification of Africa. In his opening address, he announced a proposal for “United States of Africa,” with a single African army, a common currency, and a continental leader with presidential powers.

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