Fiction Writing with Nhamo Muchagumisa: Parting Shots, And Parting Tears

Divorce court procedures are stressful, especially when the person that makes them necessary shows no remorse at all By Nhamo Muchagumisa As he rounded a bend, Cheryl's figure materialised out of the blue. He stood on the brakes of his speeding car, and the smell of hot rubber shot into his lungs, but his reflexes were too slow. The bumper of his car met Cheryl's waist with the force that should have broken her into two pieces, but her body flew into the sky in one solid piece, then came down like a meteorite, only to evaporate right in front of his shocked eyes before it could hit the bonnet of his car. Never had any dream of his felt so real but it was just a dream. He had driven around Zimbabwe day and night, and had not encountered any such incident. He had even taught himself to exercise extreme caution on the wheel. The problem with his victim was that Cheryl was his estranged wife, and he had allowed peace to prevail between them after going separate ways.

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