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The Power of a Habit: Focus Time, Time in and Down Time during Exam Season

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.’ – Jim Rohn  By Lorraine Morris   I would like to zone in this week on the areas related to cognitive needs i.e. Focus Time, Time in and Down time. I am aware that it is purple paradise ie: many streets are currently layered with jacaranda flowers in full bloom and I have always believed that the Jacaranda tree should be called exam tree because it is when many people are sitting for their final exams of the year. There's an old saying in Zimbabwe, that basically says "if you haven't started studying by the time the jacarandas have bloomed, you're going to fail". I’m hoping though that you have started studying and that with the few tips I am going to share with you today, you will indeed excel. So, let's talk a little more about Focus Time. In this zone, you need to spend uninterrupted time focusing on the task at hand. It's when you block out time in your diary to focus fully on the subject at hand e.g.

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