Zimbabwe’s economy is screaming, and despite the screams, the resilience of the people of Zimbabwe has thwarted their regime change agenda


By Kennedy Mandaza


ZANU-PF South African district joins fellow Zimbabweans and progressive forces in the SADC region and the whole of Africa in voicing their disapproval and immediate lifting of the illegal economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States of America and the European Union in 2001.

The economic sanctions which were imposed following the country’s stance to redistribute land on a more equitable basis and correct the colonial imbalances in the ownership of the resource have caused untold suffering on the ordinary citizens in and outside the country.

The issue of land tenure which still remains an issue with the United States of America up to now led to the enactment of the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA) and its supplement Executive Order Sanctions, which bars American companies to invest in the country.

These laws also bar Americans on boards of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and other multilateral financial institutions, which the US control, from voting for financial support for Zimbabwe.

The intention is to suffocate the Zimbabwean economy so that we can pander to their whims and caprices.

ZANU PF SA notes that following the imposition of these sanctions Zimbabwean companies and individuals have found it extremely difficult to effect payments through the international payment platforms as these transactions are intercepted and blocked in hostile countries, especially the United States of America.

The Diaspora community has not been spared either. Some money companies have been blocked from transacting with Zimbabwean financial institutions through money transfers platforms. Diaspora remittances have been intercepted and other money transfer companies victimised on specific transactions emanating from individuals in the diaspora.



Contrary to critics and those in the opposition, who have tried to advance the flimsy argument that the sanctions are only targeted at senior ruling ZANU PF and government officials and companies, the reality of the matter is that the illegal sanctions are hurting and violating the fundamental human rights of the ordinary Zimbabwean.

The socio-economic effects of the sanctions are dire on ordinary Zimbabweans – women, youths, and other vulnerable groups. The livelihood of women and youths have become unattainable as they cannot access employment, financial assistance, basic health services, basic goods and services.

This has resulted in the deterioration of the people’s overall welfare and standard of living.

The SADC region has not been spared either from the impact of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. The inrease of outward migration of skilled and unskilled labour force to neighbouring countries has heavily impacted on the resources of the neighbouring countries, in terms of social service delivery.

The sporadic xenophobic attacks on foreigners witnessed in South Africa in recent years, could be directly attributed to the sanctions as Zimbabwean citizens have put more pressure on jobs and the resources meant for social services.

ZANU PF SA, like other progressive forces in the SADC, view these economic sanctions against Zimbabweas a punishment against Zimbabwe for addressing the injustices which were caused by the illegal dispossession of our ancestral land, which was fundamental to the liberation struggle, for which brave men and women paid the ultimate price during the struggle.

Furthermore, ZANU PF SA views these sanctions as a political agenda to cause regime change through uncouth means. This view is supported by the utterances of the former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Chester Crocker, who declared that, “to separate the Zimbabwean people from ZANU PF, we are going to make their economy scream.” Zimbabwe’s economy is screaming, and despite the screams, the resilience of the people of Zimbabwe have thwarted their regime change agenda.



ZANU PF SA, therefore, salutes the SADC leaders who during the 39th SADC summit held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in August, set aside the 25th October 2019 as a day to collectively speak against the illegal sanctions and uneqiuvocally call upon the United States of America and its allies to immediately and unconditionally lift the illegal sanctions. This realisation by the SADC leaders that the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe are hindering development in the region and causing untold suffering among the ordinary citizens, deserves the support of all progreesive peace loving people in the region and in Africa as a whole.

ZANU-PF SA joins the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde ED Mnangagwa, the ZANU PF leadership collective, the leadership and people of the SADC region, the gallant people of Zimbabwe, on the 25th October 2021, in calling, unambiguously, for the immediate and unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States of America, and the European Union.

The sanctions for almost two decades have militated against economic growth in the country and the region hence they should be immediately lifted to facilitate socio-economic recovery and allow Zimbabweans to be masters of their own destiny.

We therefore appeal to South African brothers and sisters and other progressive forces to join the Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions march taking place in Pretoria and Cape Town on the 25th October in solidarity with the people of the SADC region.
Our collective voice can make the difference, in pursuit of a peaceful and united Africa.


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