These are long-term investments where you have to wait 5,6,7 years plus to start realising results and profits

By Isaac Chitauro

For the past decades the economy of Zimbabwe and particularly the agricultural sector has gone through a lot of gymnastics. A lot of businesses, businessmen, and organisations have either made it or failed, but for those that have survived, it has not been easy.

The current generation has however realised the importance of agriculture and especially the covid 19 pandemic has taught us not to be idle and many of us have realized that life is short and any moment in time has to be used in a fruitful way.

For me the pandemic got me thinking and made me realise how idle I can become and how hunger and poverty can make way to us.

I made up my mind to make sure I would be fruitful and move out of the seemingly comfort zone that I had become accustomed to before the pandemic had set in. I lost relatives and friends and breadwinners and I also realized how vulnerable we became after losing our loved ones to the grave.



As we went from days to weeks, to months through the days of the pandemic, which is still however with us, I realised 3 things, the importance of using each day in a fruitful manner and the importance of planning for tomorrow and the third being that of being able to start implementing the idea you have and making sure it does not just end as an idea or vision but to start it and set/build it up in such a manner that it is able to withstand the prevailing economic climate.

It’s not easy yes to start, but we need to spare a moment to think about our future, the future of our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and the generations to come. Having been born in a family of a peasant farmer.

I have also realised that sometimes we take many days and months and years trying to come up with ideas and also taking too long to reason whether the idea will work and in so doing we have done nothing.

In that same period of the pandemic, I looked back where I came from and I realised that I and my siblings managed to go to school from farming and especially from the sale of Gumtree poles that came from the plantations our grandfather had planted.



He is long gone but still, we are still selling the gum poles and this is a long-term project that has stood the test of the times. Investing in plantation farming is not a loss, it is such a bold decision, but our general society sees planting trees as a lowly activity.

If you visit Chipinge today, there are plantations of macadamia trees, banana plantations, etc, and when you move in the whole of the eastern Highlands, there are a lot of pine, wattle and gum plantations, tea, apple, peach, etc plantations, and then Mazoe and Chegutu orange plantations and Chiredzi sugarcane .

These are long-term investments where you have to wait 5,6,7 years plus to start realising results and profits but most of us have restricted ourselves to short term projects and what pains me is that most of the youth in Zimbabwe have no reason to see a green light in these but want reap in the shortest possible time and make money from airtime sales and forex exchanges or selling cloth bales etc and then spend the money the next day and start all over again etc.

For those who have moved into agriculture, the research and study who is making money from what and then they master a way of making a better lookalike product, but then lack the skills to survive in the long-term due to the fact that there are some stages that would have been skipped in the course of time.



At Summerfields Resources we are saying, come let us reason together, we have the whole range of products, a whole team of Agronomists, advisors etc.

Let’s not wait again for the pandemic of poverty to come upon us. Poverty can become a choice if we choose to become idle. Poverty is a fruit that we can harvest from the field of Idleness while others harvest fruits from their macadamia and apple plantations.

Let us refuse to be idle, let’s choose life, it all begins with you and me, let’s get pieces of land, let’s stitch our ideas together, let’s brainstorm, we have a lot of potential.

There is a reason as to why we find ourselves on the face of the earth today, let’s be fruitful and multiply. Visit us at 16 Vincent Avenue Belvedere Harare, or call/whatsapp +263771753555/+263779611615.


Isaac Chitauro is with Summerfields Resources. The views expressed are his and do not necessarily represent the Editorial Policy of The Sunday Express


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