Fiction Writing with Nhamo Muchagumisa : The Transient Wind

Bleeding stories of the abuse of women were a torture to Tsimba's conscience, especially as they were accompanied by pictures and videos By Nhamo Muchagumisa When his employer told him that there was going to be workshops on gender issues in relation to the workplace, Tsimba realised that the time to treat gender related issues as a transient wind had expired. Mr Rude had always treated gender issues with disdain, saying the whole thing sprang from the "misguided" school of feminism. "You know Elina, sweetheart, I am going to be attending workshops on gender issues from Monday next week to Friday," Tsimba told his wife as he slumped into a sofa after a tiring workday. "You will find the workshops enlightening Dear," Elina responded, excited. "I beg to differ, but I assure you I am going to enjoy the free food and beverages. Most of all it will be five days off duty." Elina stood up from where she was sitting and walked across the carpet and planted herself next to him.

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