EFF charmed the Abathembu in Eastern Cape. The Abathembu King could not hold back his excitement

By Trust Sibanda

The decision day penciled for the 1 st of November will leave many political parties with an egg on the face while Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will have its political grip increase by about 13 to 15% compared to their last performance in the show of the same nature.

They will not benefit from the new voters alone but from disgruntled ANC and DA members. Protest vote.

As I read through my predictions I see DA diluting itself because of their poor public relations evident from their posters.

The phoenix posters that condoned racism were not only mischievous but also a tension breeder in the already volatile political landscape.

The campaign message on Television by the DA leader shows pure lack of marketing skills. The man was not supposed to tell voters not to vote EFF or ANC. He was just supposed to give the election promises he has than to dictate action which voters
must take.




You cannot court a new lover by bad-mouthing their current partner. Lack of wisdom is seen on the part of DA.

The mistake of DA is not only PR but leadership error as well. The combination of Helen Zille, Maimane and Lindiwe Mazibuko over the years created a strong adhesive for the party which glued structures from different races together.

It will not come as a surprise that DA will lose a lot of seats which will fall into the EFF plate as leftovers that will help to satisfy their appetite for growth.

In the previous elections DA appeared relevant as it campaigned on the message of the Guptas and payback the money. This election is no longer about the Guptas but about a recovery path after the devastating effects of Covid and the recent looting spree amid high unemployment rate which DA seems to be clueless on how to send the message home.

ANC on the other hand it is in a very thick soup and as a fly, it is trapped between voter’s impatience and lack of probity to arrest corruption.

They may swim themselves out of grip loss in this election but it is too late for them to backstroke into the 1994 shores where they emerged a people’s favorite. This time there are stuck in the thick soup of empty promises they made over the years and lies have short legs it is time they are reminded of the promises of the near past.

They gave a very short timeline to deal with labor brokers and the notorious e-Toll system of Gauteng. As if the calendar has been pushed forward here we are-same old same old.



ANC is promising jobs and has been promising jobs this has become part of their Jerusalem song. People as now used to the echoes of the same lines. ANC will never make any gains in this election.

Just like DA they have frustrated their followers into the home of the EFF whose leader seems to appeal with both rural and urban voters. He has given hope to the youths.

ANC is at its weakest due to factional wars defined by the President in a moment of madness as racial wars.

To cut the story short ANC will not remain stagnant it will lose votes and a number of councils. Their survival will be based on the decisions of EFF when it comes to issues of a coalition. EFF come Tuesday will be holding the decider.

I will not talk of small and regional parties but my focus is on EFF which I call the race decider. They have the final say when it comes to who runs council. There are ready to provide their numbers to give the majority to those who need a political top up. In the past there were not popular in Kwa Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape.

They have positively made inroads in these areas. They have been so sweet in KZN to the point that even goats were seen feeding on their posters just to get the tastes of a fast growing party.

Julius Malema pulled a shocker when he went to embattled Zuma for a coffee and cookies. The occasion stole the hearts of Zuma die-hards normally found in KZN. The EFF no doubt it will make inroads in KZN and pull the rug on the feet of ANC. There are no more red carpets for ANC in KZN.

EFF will spoil the broth. The next person who would want to run municipalities in KZN will have to run to EFF to beg for a coalition which is likely to be granted on EFF terms.

EFF charmed the Abathembu in Eastern Cape. The Abathembu King could not hold back his excitement. King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo will tell his subjects that EFF is a new home. This places EFF on a better comparison to the disadvantage of the dominant ANC.

The simple summary is that ANC and DA are heading towards downward mobility while EFF has predicted gains that will go to a smart figure of closer to 15%.




This therefore means that EFF would not deserve to be called a small party anymore. It will move into a league that will take its seat on the high table.

The EFF message is very simple. It resonates with the poor and the oppressed. It is an African message that seeks economic emancipation as opposed to emaciation.

The EFF carries a message of patriotism and nation-building.

There are for the nation-building. Their political growth can be ignored at one’s peril. My intelligent prediction forces me to send a congratulatory message to team red even before the election date.


Trust Sibanda is a businessman. He writes in his personal capacity. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the Editorial Policy of Digital Sunday Express.