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Inside The 2021 Local Government Election: And Winnings Belong To The EFF

EFF charmed the Abathembu in Eastern Cape. The Abathembu King could not hold back his excitement By Trust Sibanda The decision day penciled for the 1 st of November will leave many political parties with an egg on the face while Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will have its political grip increase by about 13 to 15% compared to their last performance in the show of the same nature. They will not benefit from the new voters alone but from disgruntled ANC and DA members. Protest vote. As I read through my predictions I see DA diluting itself because of their poor public relations evident from their posters. The phoenix posters that condoned racism were not only mischievous but also a tension breeder in the already volatile political landscape. The campaign message on Television by the DA leader shows pure lack of marketing skills. The man was not supposed to tell voters not to vote EFF or ANC. He was just supposed to give the election promises he has than to dictate action which voters must take. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); You cannot court a new lover by bad-mouthing their current partner.

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