Fiction Writing with Nhamo Muchagumisa : The Lonely Angel

The splashes of water from the puddles under their feet sounding like the noises of departed spirits trailing them By Nhamo Muchagumisa Chide realised that his death agony was going to last longer than he had thought. The trickles of blood oozing from his chest spelt out the certainty of his settling demise, yet it hung above him like a heavy, dry cloud, ready to sweep his soul away once his lungs released his last breath. The last breath was long in its coming. Every breath of his that had felt like the last breath gave way to another painful breath and then another, as if the whole process would outlive the life he had lived until this point. Somehow, the pain in his chest burnt like the love he had felt for Angelina. The sweet death he had signed for had come his way in morsels of her company and crumbs of her embraces and kisses.

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