If we accept that we are Africans and create a united Africa – we will be able to protect our market


By Paul Dzimano


Revolutionary salutations my fellow Africans and Zimbabweans. Down with blind politics of hero worshipping individuals, down with dictatorships, down with poverty, down with unemployment, down with pauperisation, down with inequality, down with neo-colonialism, down with neoliberalism and down with neopatrimonialism.

What is independence to us fellow Zimbabweans? On 12 September 1890, the British Union Jack was hoisted at Salisbury marking the colonisation of Zimbabwe.

On 18 April 1980 the Union Jack was taken down marking the official end of British colonialism. We celebrated that year not knowing that it was only flag independence.

The flag and independence failed to end the torture, the suffering, the impoverishment and the dehumanisation of Zimbabweans.

Who knew that among the comrades some would personalise the feat of independence to be in power at the expense of the dreams that had fashioned and coloured the desire for freedom! We were fooled.

The so-called comrades personalised the struggle and sought to personally benefit by deriving political authority over us mimicking the oppressive tendencies of the colonial regime oppressing us socially, economically and politically.

The leadership that is making us celebrate independence is no different from our colonisers.

They derive pleasure in collaborating with foreign powers to discriminate, to disenfranchise, to dehumanise and to decimate us from political and economic participation.



Political parties in Africa have failed to deliver on their promises which is great betrayal of our revolutionary ethos that our beloved heroes and heroines sacrificed their lives and comforts for.

As Africans our duty is to accept our identity first and that it is our duty to make Africa better hence the formation of FAS political party whose ideology is Pan Africanism and based on the belief that Africa must unite because unity is vital for participative social and economic political activities. Unity is both a strategy and a solution for Africa’s problems.

Ethiopia’s cause is Zimbabwe’s cause and so is Mozambique and Sudan’s cause.

The balkanisation of Africa at the infamous Berlin conference 1884-1885 has helped in exacerbating ethnic and religious hostilities throughout the continent.

It was a divide and rule strategy. A united Africa is a giant politically, militarily and economically.

There will be no foreign bases on the African soil just as we don’t have African bases abroad.

One currency for Africa means that we won’t have inflation of zillions and quintirillions as have been the case in Zimbabwe.

Economically, African unity can bring a GDP of over three trillion dollars, Africa being the wealthiest land mass on earth.

Unity will create an optimal market size as well as large economies of scale.  If we accept that we are Africans and create a united Africa we will be able to protect our market and have the power to use tariffs, duties and quotas. Alone we beg, united we bargain.

The balkanised states of Africa are always at a disadvantage when separately bargaining with stronger powers. This is especially the case when trying to court foreign direct investment.



Everyone now agrees that we have a veiled independence in which foreign direct investments governs through control of our economies. In essence they will be controlling their territorial interests, which translates to Africa being a modern day global colony. Africa will not progress as francophone Africa, Anglophone or Sino phone Africa.

FAS is a continental establishment with political parties in all the African countries ready to play its role in in the history of decolonisation.

Africa for Africans. FAS has zero tolerance to political elitism and political idolatry. The politics of worshiping individuals in countries like Zimbabwe is restrictive after the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe for more than 40 years. We do not want to replicate these Mantras.

FAS Zimbabwe chapter provides a political organisation of which was formed to counter the gamut of problems facing Zimbabwe for 90 years under colonial rule, the failure socioeconomic policies  1980 to 1990, failure of ESAP, Hyperinflation, and recently the failure of MDCs to run the cities.


Mr Paul Dzimano  is the president of FAS party, Zimbabwe. The views expressed are hi, and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy or viewpoint of The Sunday Express.











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