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Clean Energy, Climate Change and Poverty Reduction: Part I: Michael Tichareva

Africa’s energy systems can leapfrog onto low-carbon pathways where renewables replace fossil fuels and could become the global leader in low-carbon development Michael Tichareva In view of the just ended United Nations Climate Summit, the Conference of the Parties 26 (COP 26), held in Glasgow in November 2021, I just thought that I should delve more into climate change issues. In one of my routine habits of searching for new and emerging issues, I was privileged, years back, to stumble across and learn more about the work of one of the highly regarded panels on the African continent, the Africa Progress Panel (“APP”). The APP consists of distinguished individuals from the private and public sector who advocate equitable and sustainable development for Africa. The Panel makes policy recommendations for African political leaders and civil society who collectively have the primary responsibility for spurring Africa’s progress. The APP also highlights critical steps that must be taken by leaders in the international public and private sector. The APP produces an annual Africa Progress Report (“APR”), its annual flagship publication.

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