eMari is a new blockchain solution to poverty in the marginalised regions of the world – through empowering the general populace


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This week eMariSwap entered the currencies market with a promise to make cryptocurrencies easier for everyone on the continent – and announced the launch of eMariSwap Exchange.

A series of news releases from the company this week said that eMariSwap exchange is the most advanced decentralised exchange on the continent – built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – and operates the exchange on an ecosystem of financial products that do not rely on traditional intermediaries such as banks and government institutions.

Its operations are based on smart contracts which are automated enforceable agreements that do not need intermediaries to execute – and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

eMariSwap Exchange uses an automated market maker model where users trade against a liquidity pool.
“eMari is not only solving challenges that are being spearheaded by the centralized financial system, but it is a solution to poverty in the marginalised regions of the world through empowering the general populace,” said their head of marketing.

He added that while the concept of (bitcoin) mining came as a result of validation of transactions on the blockchain – which uses the proof of work mechanism – whereas eMari uses the proof of stake mechanism which is dubbed staking. Staking is an environmentally friendly process since it does not require the use of advanced computers and electricity.



The eMariSwap platform is premised on staking and yield farming – and since it is decentralised – it does not use an order book to process buy and sell orders – but there is what is called a liquidity pool where investors can invest their funds to provide liquidity in a respective pool like eMari/Bnb and these are called liquidity partners or yield farmers.

In essence – yield farming is the process of providing liquidity to a pool of a token on a decentralised exchange ecosystem.

He added that the eMari token is the native currency of the eMariSwap ecosystem – and there is a multitude of buyers and sellers services where one could farm various token combinations example (eMari/BNB LP or eMari/BUSD LP) to earn more eMari tokens.

Users could also harvest eMari tokens earned in farms and stake them again to earn more eMari tokens, and users could also play the blockchain based lottery, earn rewards on NFT games, team farming, online payments and remittances as well as buying and selling of NFTs on the NFT marketplace.



Users can track the performance of the eMari token through tracking sites like Dextools, Pancakeswap which has an extensive record of token performance, liquidity – and a telegram bot is on the way for daily tracking.

Plans are already at an advanced stage to allow eMari token to be traded on automated teller machines – starting with Zimbabwe where the focus was on getting Harare and Bulawayo up and running – and there-on expand into the region.
Part of the media release said that eMariSwap gives the opportunity for clients to take advantage of block-chain where millions of people come together and build something that can transform lives forever.

It is slated as a permissionless ecosystem that provides the highest levels of safety and comfort to the community with products such as trading swap / exchange, a liquidity pool, staking, yield farming, Lottery, NFT play to earn games, NFT marketplace and many other functionalities.


About Atria Fintech

The eMari ecosystem was birthed from the conglomeration of blockchain entrepreneurs, Corporates, blockchain developers and the general community of sole traders. eMari was built as an answer to the inflationary pressures being necessitated by currency instabilities especially in third world economies. The affiliation with Atria Fintech has made the realization of this vision possible.



Atria Fintech is a company under Atria Africa with a vision to provide Bespoke Pan African solutions to the African continent and Globe at large.

Atria Fintech’s mission is to define Fintech and cryptocurrency making it simpler and easily accessible to everyday people.
Atria Fintech is dedicated to eliminating barriers of awareness by creating simplified understanding products that are educational, user-centric and scalable.

The power of crypto lies in its potential to circumvent poorly designed infrastructure and connect anyone to the global economy with access to unlimited financial opportunities.


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