Let’s Talk About Health Matters –  Minding Your Well-Being – Focus On Adolescent Health

All In 4 Health: #Allin4health #health4all #minding your wellbeing #healthawareness By Dr T W Ngwenya Changamire An adolescent in Sub Saharan Africa is 6 times more likely to die before the age of 24 as compared to an adolescent in Europe. Let this sink in. Our children are dying prematurely. Adolescence is a phase in life where one is transitioning from being a child to becoming an adult. It is from the ages of 10 to 19. This is the time to impart good health-seeking behaviours because behaviours learnt during this stage will determine their health as adults, Our future generation. Health promotion in this age group guarantees us a healthy and productive future generation. Adolescents and youths are generally known to be healthy individuals.

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