Masau have just modernised and packaged the spirit and warmth of the people of Southern Africa into a bottle to maintain our heritage and culture for generations to come


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While branding, marketing and merchandising have all taken centre stage in the after-launch of the Masau range of beverages – new details have emerged this week about the five steps of the crafting process.

Step 1 From the Muldersdrift distillery, this week we gathered that the process of production of Masau starts with a careful hand selection of Masau fruit – which begins the cyclical process that brings Masau Spirits to the world. Every winter in the Southern Hemisphere the Masau tree bears much fruit for nourishment and the Pofera Family begins the crafting process by selecting the best fruits for the process.

Step 2 Fermentation – in a well controlled environment and using well researched Yeast strains and enzymes, the fermentation process begins using locally sourced water.

Step 3 Distillation – using our modern Fractionating Reflux Column Still, the resultant fermentation is then distilled to produce exclusive African spirits.

Step 4 Maceration – the botanicals being used are first hand processed, crushed to expose a larger surface area, allowing the alcohol to extract the flavour from more of the botanical’s cells. Masau Golden Gin is then infused in a Gin Still through vapour infusion of botanicals.

Step 5 Aging – our distilled African spirits are matured in oak barrels for a specified period of time in order to further infuse flavors from distinct characteristics found in the barrel’s wood.



This week brand Masau continued focussing on the global launch of the brand with a massive push in the areas of social media – instagram, facebook, twitter and on the website – and building upon the momentum gathered from the launch two weeks ago. It’s a good story to tell at brand Masau – with Sales and marketing manager – former banker Mokhemisa said the company had successfully applied traditional recipes and hand-crafted techniques into modernist commercial brewing.

“The Masau spirits business idea made sense as it encompassed our very rich and similar traditions as Southern Africans. I am Zulu and traditional fermentation of umqombothi and distillation of alcohol plays – a big part in our traditional ceremonies. Here we have just modernised and packaged the spirit and warmth of the people of Southern Africa into a bottle to maintain our heritage and culture for generations to come,” she said.

The distillers at Masau have virtually grown up with traditional brewing in the family – and what started as a hobby while watching and assisting parents to brew traditional Zimbabwean beer – this had become a natural training ground for them in fermentation, management of yeast and knowing about concentrates, acid, chemicals and brewing.

Masau – ziziphus mauritiana – and without a common English name – grow wild in Zimbabwe – and valued for its sweet fruity taste – and has been a food source commodity for locals – now valued for its nutritional content and commercial potential as a wild harvest cash crop.

The masau itself looks like a date – and is found mainly in the Southern Africa and the proponents of the project chose the name Masau to keep the original name of the fruit as it is known in Zimbabwe and the region to become the brand name.

On location – Masau Craft Distillery (MCD) is a medium size batch craft distillery that uses new techniques to distill new flavours – unique to Southern Africa and marketed online and distributed to local, regional and international consumers.



“Our Spirits will not be available in retail shops anytime soon. We strongly believe in social distancing and saving lives and we encourage responsible drinking of our alcoholic beverages whilst we isolate, with friends and family,” Garonga said – adding that anyone could now order Online – and they deliver.

MCD’s product range includes Masau Vodka, Masau Golden Gin, Masau Golden Liqueur, Masau Wooded Spirit Aperitif and Masau Tonic Water.

For more details you can visit their Website : or you can follow them on Social Media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on their handle @masauspirits.



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