eMariSwap says it is aware of the digital challenges facing the continent – but in those challenges is where the opportunities lay

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This week eMariSwap hosted an important online meeting in which the blockchain laid its cards onto the table with a panel discussion to unpack the place of the digital currency onto the market
After a weeklong launch in which the currency announced it’s arrival onto the counter of continental digital currencies – eMariSwap said that it was aware of the digital challenges facing the continent – but in those challenges was where the opportunities lay.

Sibusiso Media and eMari hosted the groundbreaking discussion on cryptocurrencies in Africa – under the theme: Is Africa ready for cryptocurrencies.

The panelists included Hon Energy Mutodi a Zimbabwean Member of Parliament and former Deputy Minister of Information, Dr Isaiah Brian Sovi, a Zambian tech investor and preacher, Dr Kingsley Mangena, Taurai Moyo and Musa Goredema of Atria Fintech.

Speaking at the panel discussion Dr Sovi said: “The answer to the question of “Is Africa ready for a cryptocurrency?” should be a no – considering the fact that only 22 percent of the continent have access to the internet, and that not many people are digitally literate.

“But because there’s this urgent need to bridge the digital divide for an inclusive digital economy, a cryptocurreny is needed in Africa – and urgently.



“When you look at the western world cryptocurrencies – mainly bitcoin and ethereum – they shed light to blockchain technology which also then sheds light on decentralisation.

“Decentralisation sort of gives power to people, where by a person can send money without using a middleman like a traditional bank where they charge you ridiculously high fees and sometimes have to wait hours to receive money.

T”hey can use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Solana which is faster and cheaper and has no middleman

“This idea of blockchain and decentralisation not only paved a way for decentralized finance but also for things like community-owned mesh internet networks whereby internet is free to people in places like New York,” Dr Sovi said.

Dr Mutodi said the fact that African governments needed time to catch up in terms of financial developments, and internet connectivity among others if crypto and decentralised finance are going to be taken seriously in Africa.

Dr Mutodi also spoke of the importance of ensuring that Africa has its own mechanisms of managing crypto to keep economies safe from unknown variables.

Musa Goredema – representing Atria Fintech which is from Atria Africa under Cornerstone Finserv Group said that the trajectory of the markets and the adoption and establishment of blockchain solutions is a must in Africa and through education through financial literacy – it could be realised very quick.




Goredema – representing Atria Fintech which is from Atria Africa under Cornerstone Finserv Group – spoke of the endorsement of eMariSwap and their partnership. “As a corporate we are taking blockchain seriously and strategically partnering and endorsing eMariswap because they have the solutions that Zimbabwe, the continent and the world is looking for. Watch this space.”


Currency Developments In Zambia

Meanwhile world renowned, young entrepreneur Isaiah Sovi, was part of a delegation led by Diversity Logistics company director Chinyemba Sovi alongside his co-director Brian Sovi Snr, that met with the Zambian Minister of Science and Technology Hon Felix Mutati to discuss the implementation of the latest technological innovation that will make local transport transactions cashless in that country.

The company, Diversity Logistics is behind the latest, cutting edge technology that will introduce a commuting system that requires no cash for one to travel.

Currently Lusaka, the capital city of Zamba, alone, sees half a million passengers using cash when travelling – that’s an estimated 26 300 passengers every hour at risk of crime such as theft and robbery etc.

Minister Mutati said that: “Education is important especially that the country and the world over is going digital and only acceptance by the public will spearhead development through the use of digital platforms.”


About Atria Fintech

The eMari ecosystem was birthed from the conglomeration of blockchain entrepreneurs, Corporates, blockchain developers and the general community of sole traders. eMari was built as an answer to the inflationary pressures being necessitated by currency instabilities especially in third world economies. The affiliation with Atria Fintech has made the realization of this vision possible.


Atria Fintech is a company under Atria Africa with a vision to provide Bespoke Pan African solutions to the African continent and Globe at large.

Atria Fintech’s mission is to define Fintech and cryptocurrency making it simpler and easily accessible to everyday people.
Atria Fintech is dedicated to eliminating barriers of awareness by creating simplified understanding products that are educational, user-centric and scalable.

The power of crypto lies in its potential to circumvent poorly designed infrastructure and connect anyone to the global economy with access to unlimited financial opportunities.


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