Fiction Writing with Nhamo Muchagumisa: That Painful Spot

As I slowly made my way, I began to feel trapped, it was as if my husband’s shadow had engulfed my whole body

Nhamo Muchagumisa

I know where I started getting things wrong, Chazera, and now that you are gone, I have no time to romanticise the savage pleasures of your debauched company among the reeds. Everything is now past admonition, yet being human, I cannot help crying over spilt milk. I wish I had told you what I disdained in Tsoka, for the wrong reasons, as I now know.

I think you would have corrected me.

Now it is water under the bridge, or maybe the mere wetness left by a stream that has already run its course.

I wish the spirit world had ears. Maybe you would hear me tell you that it was all a lie. Our relationship was a blatant lie. I wish I could tell you when your stomach started bulging that I felt not even the slightest pity.

I searched my heart for that painful spot that wells up with tears when invalidity incapacitates a bosom friend but found nothing. […]