Let’s Talk About Health Matters – Minding Your Well-Being – Men’s Health

All In 4 Health: #Allin4health #health4all #minding your wellbeing #healthawareness By Dr T W Ngwenya Changamire Majority of men have poor health-seeking behaviours. It is known that majority of men underutilise available health services. Several studies have been conducted in different countries aimed at understanding the reasons behind poor health seeking behaviours in men. There are factors that affect health-seeking behaviours like level of education, accessibility of health service, poor knowledge of preventable health conditions, employment status, income level, religious and cultural beliefs and influence by peers. These factors are not necessarily gendering specific. One major determinant that has come across in factors affecting men’s health is social constructionism. Social constructionism is when a community or group of people create an idea and the idea is accepted by the community.

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