Need to tell the story in more ways than one – sparks interest in Lawrence Rimayi’s Overview

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This week The Sunday Express and Leimen Limited established the first steps in consolidating the newsmedia property publishing units – with the endorsement of the Property Investment In Zimbabwe event this coming week, in which Guest Speaker Lawrence Rimayi of Oasis Realty will make debut.

Our news media endorsement means that a new property magazine is loading – where we shall open up space in this digital newspaper, on our common multiple platforms – for an innovative digital magazine – which shall bring network the African continent with the rest of the six continents.

We agreed with Leimen that the communities that have already been established on the online groups – were full of experts, professionals, knowledgeable people and those with s story to tell.

That’s where we come in. The story of it – and what the story will be tomorrow.

The next big thing. We agreed with Leimen that real estate is ever-evolving, that new legislation comes into effect all the time, that technologies are forever bringing new things on the table and that the value of land is all in the property, and that that there is need to tell the story and leave the readers, followers, fans, analysts, strategists and newsmakers truly inspired.

Many of our close followers are Zimbabweans in the diaspora, and many will tell you of how they drive from street to street looking from house to house make price comparisons. Anyone will tell you that investing in property is not for the faint hearted. But if done properly, it is the most lucrative industry – ever.



That’s if you even have the time between the agents, middlemen and contacts, municipalities, bank queues and so forth. Many seasoned professionals will tell you that the ten most st important things when buying residential property – in no particular order are location, buying along public transport routes, property size and number of bedrooms, budget, choosing the right energy for your home, interior design, fixtures and fittings and appliances, buying close to family, or not and above all whether the property is just right for you and your needs.

So for now we will sit back and invite you to the Property Investment in Zimbabwe: An Overview: the latest in a series that is being rolled out by Leimen Properties. A few of these speaking engagements have already been running in the past months, but it is in the recent weeks that Leimen has taken upon itself to elevate the value of the global continental trends into new-sized bites which are in quantities that this digital newspaper can indulge, analyse and make informed decisions from.




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