Zimbabwean lawyer, Advocate Simba Chitando Appointed Executive Director Of Reverence Telecoms

Company releases statement saying that Advocate Chitando will assume role as Chief Investment Officer, and add corporate legal expertise to the telecoms company The Sunday Express Top Zimbabwean lawyer, Advocate Simba Chitando has been appointed as executive director of Reverence Telecoms - a Johannesburg mobile telecoms operator. A statement from the company this week quoting CEO Duduzile Bogatsu said that Adv Chitando would act as the Chief Investment Officer for the company and add corporate legal expertise to the emergent company, as well as explore markets for growth, investment, and leadership in positioning the company’s approach to the Southern African mobile telecommunications business. Reverence Telecoms - a new Mobile Network Operator - is running an independently owned mobile network, catering to the critical mass of South Africa, connecting the less connected. The company has tested demand which is continually growing for lower cost, better quality voice and broadband services, addressing the gap between those who can afford broadband services and those who cannot. Engagements with potential customers, both individuals and businesses, have proved that the market is ready to take up the services of Reverence. The company’s network plans entail the rollout of 4G infrastructure, ensuring readiness

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