The growth conference came at a time it was needed as it managed to change so many lives


By Dorris Charliee Banda

BNC International hosted their annual growth conference at the Premier Hotel in Midrand the past weekend an event that many have described as their “life-changing”.

The event was attended by a strong audience, and it changed so many lives amongst the speakers were
Cobus Visser aka The superman of Africa Miracle Chawane, Tsungai Gumbo, Aubrey Mavhuli, Diana Rodriguez and Carol Potgieter. The conference drew its focus on growth within entrepreneurs and people in business.

The two-day event was held on 27-28 November. The first day of the conference focused more on paradigms, programming, conditioning by Tsungai Gumbo who went into brief details on how people’s minds function.




Next up came Miracle Chawane aka TMP who presented on branding and self confidence for entrepreneurs and the copywritings expert Mr Aubrey Mavhuli presented more on marketing the strategies for businesses and which ones individuals should implement to run a successful business and how to increase sales in your products and services.

Mr Munyaradzi Dongo the rounded up the first day details on sales and learned all techniques on how one can close a deal and handle objections and rejections.

The second day began with a big question from Mr Dongo (Why are you not making money?).

The question left many people with mixed emotions as to why they were not making money.  Diana Rodriguez aka The Laughter Lady taught on fear and bullying.  Hers was rather an emotional story that left much understanding of why it is important to have laughter in our lives.  Mr Dongo took over the stage again, delivered and advised people on how to make use of automation, what he refers to as “Teaching people to be lazy”.




The second and final day ended with Cobus Visser on his topic: If Not Now Then When?  The Audience did what he calls the arrow breaking and a lot of people who were in disbelief that it is possible to want something and get it witnessed that it is possible if you just believe in yourself that you can do it.  Amongst the attendees was Mr Gift Bureni a man who met with Mr  Dongo through social media and they had never met until the growth conference.

Mr Gift flew all the way from Zimbabwe a few day before the conference and he was quite impressed as he managed to grasp much value through the conference. “I don’t regret coming to SA for this conference as I have learnt a lot of things and I’m sure I’m going to improve my company and my income”.

A lady who was battling with making sales for almost a year learnt a lesson that changed her life and how she was viewing her own business when Mr Dongo taught her on sales, she also got a little bit of help from Mr Aubrey Mavhuli’s teaching on marketing.  Mr David Hayes a man who joined BNC a few months ago said “The conference was the best I have attended so far that is why I took it upon myself to be present on both days”.




The growth conference came at a time it was needed as it managed to change so many lives  Mr Dongo said, “I didn’t know that people lacked so much value and we are so pleased and happy to be able to deliver content that serves as life-changing events in people’s lives cause all we want is to see people being successful and making money whilst at it”.

BNC International will also be hosting events early next year preparing for their 2022 Growth Conference which is to be hosted in November 2022.

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