We want to market this industry outside Malawi and we thought that aligning ourselves to Mike Tyson could greatly help us with our industrial and medicinal cannabis


By Marca and Rabson Kondowe

Mike Tyson becomes the cannabis ambassador to Malawi as country’s Ministry of Agriculture sends a letter to the former heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson is an individual with a rich and varied history over the course of his life, some of incredibly positive and some of it not so, and now the former champion has become the cannabis ambassador to Malawi.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Malawi sent Tyson a letter asking him to take the afore-mentioned position in the south-eastern African nation, which legalised the medicinal and industrial use of cannabis in 2020, inorder to promote economic growth and diversify its economy as the tobacco market declined.

Malawi relied on tobacco for a long time, and it represents around 13 percent of the nation’s GDP and 60 percent of its foreign exchange earnings.



Wit h the tobacco industry having fallen, the Malawian government decided that the cultivation of cannabis as an alternative would help the country from an economic standpoint.

Tyson has grown synonymous within the field of cannabis use, mainly due to his podcast, and this is why he is being turned to by Malawi in their hour of need.

The drug is still illegal on a recreational basis, and there are in fact significant levels of resistance to changing that measure.  The technical knowledge for effective cannabis cultivation is lacking, whilst farmers have been critical of high government tariffs placed on the sale of the plant.

However, the Malawi government believes it is worth while persevering with the endeavour as it will ultimately bolster their economy.

Tyson has been asked to help the local farmers with regards to cultivating the plant, well as changing the opinion of the drug amongst the population of the nation.



“Malawi may not be able to do it alone, as the industry is complex and requires collaboration, therefore I would like to name you Mr. Mike Tyson, Malawi’s Cannabis Ambassador,” the letter from the Malawi government read.

With medicinal cannabis industry in Malawi still very much in its infancy stage, the country has turned to former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to be the country’s official ambassador for the crop with the hope of attracting investors to this young industry.

In a letter written earlier this month but made public last week, the minister of agriculture told reporters, “We want to market this industry outside Malawi and we thought that aligning ourselves to Mike Tyson could greatly help us with our industrial and medicinal cannabis considering that progress has been very slow in marketing our industry internationally.”

The Southern African country which is internationally known for its recreational cannabis strain “Malawi gold’, legalised the growing and processing of cannabis for medicinal and industrial purposes last year.



According to a Prohibition Partners report, Africa’s legal marijuana industry could be worth as much as $7.1 billion by 2023. This projection focused on the legal and regulated cannabis industry in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Nigeria, Morocco, Malawi, Ghana, eSwatini, and Zambia.

While Tyson is yet to respond to the request, Lungu hopes that he will, “rope in some investors and even potential buyers”.

Tyson has been a long time advocate for cannabis.

The former heavyweight champion is a long time cannabis advocate and he is developing his own brands of cannabis.



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