Top Writer Aubrey Mavhuli Endorses Sunday Express Subscriber Service


It is the festive season on The Sunday Express and its raining reader loyalty rewards on the DSE news network.

This week the irrepressible Aubrey Mavhuli – the first man to write 20 consecutive chapters in The Sunday Express and then published a book:  Success Is Do It Yourself – made a turn at studio to record his first Jit Television Show entry and immediately released a box full of the books – to be shared among newspaper subscribers.

All you have to do is subscribe to the newspaper this December and January – and receive your own copy of the book – but also take the chance to bond with the newspaper, claim your ambassadorship, and get an audience with The Sunday Express to market your business, get your own personalised attention, and enjoy a range of subscriber benefits – including never missing a copy of the Sunday Express, access to cutting edge news makers and front page coverage of current affairs, and investments.

So this means that you join bigger audiences that await you at DSE network with writers, strategists, commentators, analysts, decision-makers, opinion leaders – and all those who dare to See News Differently on The Sunday Express.



This season we are buying and selling The Sunday Express to the many people – opinionistas, strategists, commentators, politicians, decision-makers, opinion leaders and all those who want more than the usual every week.

The Sunday Express owes a lot to all those who assist our readers, followers, fans, stake holders and subscribers – and the time has come for us to give back to the news communities who shape, engage and set the agenda on the digital newspaper – and on the Zim-SA communities throughout the world.

Ours is a quasi-public mandate to inform, educate and entertain – and as such we are selling this newspaper – yes: selling as in saying hence forth: The Sunday Express – all four editions – are bought and sold as a premium product that you can buy, pay for and do whatever you want with your newspaper.

See you on the subscribers lists and get your copy.


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